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Indian farmers march on Delhi against agricultural laws

Hundreds of thousands of Indian farmers marched on Delhi to protest against agricultural laws and set up huge camps to block entry into the city, saying it would destroy livelihoods.

At the end of Monday and in convoys of tractors, more than 300,000 farmers from the states of Punjab and Haryana marched to reach the Indian capital at the end of the march, in a “decisive battle” with the central government. Described on

As soon as the farmers reached Delhi, some managed to enter but the majority were stopped by the police with barracks and barbed wire on the main roads leading to the city. Farmers set up camps along the five main roads, set up temporary tents and set fires to stay for months if their demands were not met.

Police used tear gas and water cannons against the marching farmers and tore down highways to prevent tractors and protesters from advancing. However, the Delhi government refused to allow the police to convert nine stadiums into temporary jails for farmers. “Farmers are not guilty,” the city government said.

Farmers have been protesting against a number of agricultural laws, including the abolition of crop prices, including the abolition of guaranteed minimum prices for crops, which farmers say They will leave them at the mercy of big corporations. The government is of the view that laws are necessary reforms that give farmers more autonomy to sell their crops and will break the huge unfair monopoly.

Although farmers’ unions have been protesting in Punjab for the past two months, marching and blocking roads and railways, they said they were marching to Delhi to shake hands with the government. The unions want to repeal the laws, which they say are anti-farmer and pro-corporate.

Farming is one of the largest employers in India, with over 40% of the population working in agriculture.

Among the farmers marching on the border was 61-year-old Ratam Man Singh from Haryana, who is the president of the Indian Farmers’ Association for the state. He said: “I took part in the protest as far as the Delhi border because the central government has sold the farmers through these new laws, which did not consult or input the farmers. If they are passed, the farmers Will lose their rights.

Singh said many farmers had brought enough food, supplies and blankets for three months. “We are ready to stay as long as we feel the need, even in cold weather,” he said. Indian farmers have been deceived.

On Saturday, Union Minister Amit Shah said the government had deliberately agreed to “every issue and demand” of farmers. Negotiations are scheduled for December 3.

The demands of the farmers have proved controversial. One of them is to abolish the penalty for burning straw, to keep the fields in order to remove the old crop. Although farmers say it is unavoidable, the burning of cough is a major contributor to the toxic air pollution that engulfs Delhi and northern India during the winter months and has made it illegal.

The farmers’ cause has garnered worldwide support, including Karlok Monti Panser and Sloan MP Tanmanjit Singh Dhasi, who tweeted: “I stand with farmers in Punjab and other parts of India In which our family and friends, who are peacefully protesting against the privatization of the Farmers Bill 2020.


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