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Indian Footballer Can Thrive With More Performance: Tim Cahill | Football news

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Tim Cahill (Getty Images)

NEW DELHI: East of Australia and Jamshedpur FC The striker Tim Cahill Believes that Indian footballYoung talent can develop with systematic performance at the top level.
Kahil, who ended his sterling career with the Jamshedpur side in the 2018-19 season of the Indian Super League (ISL), said that his experience assured him that India had helped him excel on the continental. And stages of the world.
According to “Star Sports Football United” quoted Kahil as saying, “Indian talent just needs more games, they play all the time and in the competition and when they get down to international level, you will see that they Can handle pressure. “On the Asian Football Federation website.
The 40-year-old said that India is moving in the right direction to achieve greater heights.
“The ISL and the leagues that are being played with its infrastructure are great and the only thing that the game needs more than anything is unity.
“Everyone is drifting in the same direction to achieve the same goal – which is to win the AFC Asian Cup title, reach the World Cup and help women’s football and develop their own league.”
Cahill’s spell at Jamshedpur was cut short in 11 matches due to injury, but the Australian veteran has recalled memories of his time with The Red Minors.
“It was amazing, I lived and breathed everything and was very close to the community as well as the owners of the Tata group,” said Cahill. Premier League Side Everton, to their credit, features in 226 matches with 56 goals.
“One of the best things about the club was that everything we did was for our fans and everything Jamshedpur FC did for the players.”
He said that it was a crazy experience and he realized being with the club.
“We were around kids and in schools where we opened training programs. I was asked about the fundamental skills and things that I do projects like… it was just crazy.
“We were in the middle of nowhere and we have thousands of games. I’m very blessed for that kind of experience,” Cahill said.


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