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Indian news channel fined in UK for making hate speech about Pakistan Television industry

Germany has been accused by the British regulator Ofcom of broadcasting hate speech about Pakistan.

Republic TV was fined 000 20,000 for broadcasting a segment on its UK service, which presented the idea that all Pakistanis are terrorists, including “their scientists, doctors, their leaders.” , Including politicians. […] Even the people in his game.

The prime time show on the Hindi language version of the channel, Republic of India, asks India aired on September 6, 2019. The channel was licensed to broadcast in the UK by the World View Media Network, but has now been banned from airing the show in the UK again.

Republic TV is India’s most-watched channel, with news anchor and founder Arnab Goswami hosting aggressive discussions of current affairs, with viewers regularly pointing down and shouting at the camera. Facts and Islamophobic opinion. He is known for his strong allegiance to the ruling Hindu nationalist Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

Ofcom said Goswami’s show had received numerous complaints from viewers for “highly parasitic references to members of the Pakistani community (as they are permanently called ‘dirty’ ‘).

Ofcom found that statements made during the 35-minute conversation between Goswami and the guests included describing Pakistani scientists as “thieves” and the Pakistani people as “beggars.” The topic of discussion was India’s recent Chandrayaan to mission space but instead it turned to the country’s alleged superiority over its neighbor and longtime rival Pakistan.

The regulator said the program had failed to comply with UK broadcasting laws because it had “spread, provoked, promoted and justified such intolerance among the Pakistani people in the audience”.

Earlier, after reprimanding the channel for broadcasting graphicly violent footage and broadcasting “uncontroversial hate speech and abuse and insults to groups”, Ofcom has reprimanded the Republic of India for its broadcasting regulations. This is the third time he has been charged with a violation. However, this was the first time that Off Com had issued a fine.

In response to the investigation, Republic TV said the show did not contain hate speech but instead included “speech statistics that will not be taken literally, as Asian viewers make clear.” Will understand. “


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