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Indian scientists have identified a new possible drug treatment for Covid-19

New Delhi: Indian scientists have identified drugs and potential cocktails that could target important proteins of the novel coronavirus, and possibly help in the treatment of Covid-19.
A study published in the journal Scientific Reports, using virtual screening of the Drug Bank’s database, identified several yet-to-be-discovered methods of attacking SARS Covey 2, even changing them.
The Drug Bank’s database is a chemical compound of FDA-approved compounds and novels under drug testing.
Researchers at Algapa University in Tamil Nadu and the KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Sweden have proposed a list of individual medicines and cocktails that are eligible for the treatment of Covid-19.
An important part of the studyAre there drugs that target or bind to multiple proteins that are needed to replicate the virus, and which are also involved in the early stages of host cell infection, the researchers said.
Authors, according to Wahab Srivastava and Orwell Morgan the study, Multi-Targeting offers an effective way to deal with drug resistance, allowing a drug to work around virus mutations.
“The virus is changing rapidly, which means it is altering its proteins. If we have a drug that can target many proteins, and if there is a mutation, it is The medicine will work on others. ”
This attribute allowed the team to suggest a cocktail with a break.
“It was possible for us to suggest a cocktail, or a combination of drugs, in which each drug could be highly associated with a particular target protein,” he said.
the study Recommended a cocktail, Baloxvir Marbox, Nitamycin and RU85053, targeting 3 viral proteins, 3CL main proteases, papain-like proteases and RDRP, respectively.
The researchers said that such drugs have been shown to be effective in treating other wireless transmission diseases, such as HIV.
Moragan says the reliability of his approach was confirmed by the fact that the screening also identified drugs that were already in clinical trials.
Researchers say such a study could provide valuable insights into why certain drugs were found to be ineffective.
For example, he said that the hydroxychloroquine of the drug was ineffective, mainly due to its poor binding to viral proteins.
Other medicines that the study Recommended for testing were thioventenib, olaparib, zulflodacin, golvatenib, sonaid gab, rigorfenib, and PCO371.
Research has also provided a list of multi-purpose drugs such as DB04016, phthalocyanine, tadalafil, which may also be useful in counteracting the rapidly changing corona virus.


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