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Bengaluru: Vestaspace Technology, an Indian company manufacturing nano, cube and small satellites and Space service provider Announced its plans to launch a planetarium of more than 35 satellites to build on Tuesday 5G Speed Network Connection and IoT functionality across all industries.
“With AI-powered novel communication architecture, we are ready to release the next generation beta version Satellite The planetarium in this September 2020 and the start of a fully operational constellation of satellites in Low-Earth-Orbit or Geosynchronous Equatorial Orbit in early 2021, “the firm said in a release.
The company plans to replace the traditional fiber network with all fiber constellations and provide high-speed 5G network connection pan-India with its unmanned software data processing as well as understanding the orbit of satellites and the data needs of next generation satellites. Does.
To provide accessible solutions, the company says that it has come up with the concept of services where a common man can uplink and downlink data while browsing the Internet.
The firm stated, “The solution will prevent any fraudulent and illegitimate operations when uploading or downloading data from satellites. There are 10 layers of security evaluation that evaluate the data and possibly take immediate action if any incorrect data is found. . ”
Initially, in the proprietary system, Westspace claims that it accomplishes good results by pinpointing precise antenna, tracking, seamless beam and satellite handover.
The firm stated, “The result is reflected in live-streamed video of 1080p (Full HD), which is 34 milliseconds short, with speeds in excess of 400 Mbps.”
Arun Kumar Surban, founder and CEO of WestStays Technology, said his advanced AI-technology-based unmanned satellite data will bring in-depth solutions to the telecommunications industry and the general public.
“… To solve complex systems and provide 5G Internet network solutions in urban, rural and unsafe areas, we have deployed eight ground stations and 31,000 data receptors across India. This is possible with the help of accurate positioning Designed and telemetry related activities, “said Surban
More recently, the company has secured $ 10 million in funding from US-based Next Capital LLC, a US investment and advisory firm that will expand the reach of innovative solutions to Westspace in India and around the world.
The company is also working with ISRO, NASA And other major space agencies on various strategic projects that will help Westspace to expand globally.


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