Indian students studying in China face interruptions due to WeChat ban

Indian students studying in China face interruptions due to WeChat ban

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The move to ban Chinese apps is being accepted by all sections of society with the hope that it will bring prosperity to Indian products. The ban on some social media apps, including WeChat, has broken the communication bridge for Indian students studying in China. Most of them have returned to India due to the epidemic, with restrictions on these platforms making them disappear from day-to-day communication with classmates and professors.

WeChat in China is WhatsApp in India. While all official university announcements are shared via email, conversations about most assignments, group activities, and day of development are shared over chat. WeChat services have ended in India after the ban, making it difficult to keep up with the developments at the university, ”said an MBA student from China
Education Times On condition of anonymity.

She says, “Being the only Indian student in my batch, it is a challenge for me to be cut-off from my peers so that I can access learning materials that are easily shared over chat or become part of the debate Huh”.

“Online classes will start in September and the lack of continuous communication will make it difficult to become aware of what is happening at the university,” says Rishav, an MBBS student from a Chinese university.

There are many students facing this challenge. Many people from working families in China are experiencing heat due to this communication barrier.


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