Indians going to Germany seek relaxation in travel ban from Ministry of External Affairs, Berlin

Indians going to Germany seek relaxation in travel ban from Ministry of External Affairs, Berlin

New Delhi: More than a hundred Indians, who have made job offers from German companies or colleges in Germany, have urged the Ministry of External Affairs and the German government to exempt them from the travel ban.

The signatories, which include engineers, researchers, managers and data scientists, have written to the Indian government that their employment is at stake due to the travel restrictions imposed by Germany on India from April 26 due to the pandemic.

Some of them have said they could lose their jobs because “EU and German law do not allow them to start working remotely”.


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The signatories claim there are about 600 employees and about 900 students waiting to travel to Germany.

Several neighboring countries of Germany such as France, Netherlands, Switzerland and Austria are now allowing Indian employees to come to their country for work purposes.

Ratan Lal Agrahari from Lucknow said, “I was working as an assistant executive in a multinational company here in Bangalore. I need to travel to Frankfurt for the same role. Due to travel restrictions I have made my joining twice. I have waited for years. For this opportunity. I have a valid work permit and visa. My pre-approval is about to expire and in that case I will not be able to travel which will result in job loss. ”

Anusha from Bangalore got admission for her PhD in a public university in Germany in April. “My start date was June 1. Since then I have been looking forward to applying for my visa and traveling to Germany to start my research work as it is not possible to get the research remotely and I have been looking forward to do my research. I have to be physically in order to get the funds. Be present in Germany and start with signing a work contract. My research institute is waiting for me to join as soon as possible. I need visa And I must travel to Germany as soon as possible.”

Yashshree Bhandari and Samhita Mitra are in a similar situation.

While Bhandari has to travel to Berlin to work as a senior software engineer, Mitra is under stress as he cannot find a job in India due to the gap in his career due to the travel ban from Germany.

According to the German missions in India, “the new Ordinance on the Coronavirus Entry Regulations (“CoronavirusesV”) came into force from May 13, 2021 and has been extended to July 28, 2021,” and “with effect from April 26, 2021, of Germany.” The Federal Republic of India designated India as a country with a high risk of infection (virus isolated region).

“Therefore, entry into Germany, even with a valid visa, is generally restricted to travelers who have come to India during the last 10 days. Unfortunately this restriction also applies to holders of student and employment visas (first entries).

The signatories have said that they will travel only after being fully vaccinated, presenting a negative RT-PCR test report before boarding the flight, undergoing a strict 21-day quarantine upon arrival in Germany and adhering to all guidelines.

Data scientist Pawan Dwivedi said he was about to relocate to Germany when the German consulate in Bangalore stopped accepting applications.

“Before I could apply for the visa, the German consulate in Bangalore stopped taking applications. The consulate is still not taking applications and now my employment is being affected.”


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