India’s nefarious design against CPEC

India’s nefarious design against CPEC

The China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is seen as a great game-changer for Pakistan’s development, prosperity and job creation, thus eradicating poverty through the implementation of projects in various sectors under its umbrella. Helps to eliminate.

CPEC is part of the Greater Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) launched by China. In particular, CPEC is a mega-project that has been tested on a large scale by all-weather-friendly, Iron Brothers and reliable and trustworthy neighbors, the People’s Republic of China and Pakistan. The CPEC, which has since entered the second phase of its implementation against all odds, nefarious Indian designs and barriers, is now valued at more than 60 billion and is expected to reach 100 by 2030. Billions of dollars are likely to be crossed.

The CPEC is likely to have significant geopolitical influence in the region, and is in fact designed to do so. One of the main objectives of the CPEC is to connect the Chinese border town of Kashgar with the southern part of Gwadar, Pakistan.

It is a nationally and internationally recognized fact that CPEC is a great game changer for Pakistan and its people and aims to promote connectivity in the region and beyond. Pakistan’s growth, prosperity and development and the prospects for the welfare of its people without discrimination by the CPEC are something that India cannot or will not tolerate because it is a commitment and the CPEC Is making every effort through large-scale financial support to harm directly and indirectly. Work under its umbrella in Pakistan in the wake of permanent enmity with the neighboring country through Narendra Modi’s fascist government.

Needless to say, the civil and military leadership of Pakistan and its people is fully aware of India’s nefarious designs and is fully aware of the dangers posed to CPEC-related projects, especially the CPEC. The EC is taking appropriate safety measures for projects, Chinese engineers and technicians. The locals are working for the protection and safety of these projects and thwarting all the nefarious and hostile plans of India.

Thus, the CPEC is on fire from India’s leadership, intelligence agencies, think tanks, mass media and social media, posing a potential threat to its dominant economic supremacy in the region.

To a large extent, Pakistan and China are committed to the peaceful trend and strategic use of CPEC in terms of social development, economic stability, power generation, job creation and massive infrastructure development. Pur are supporting.

While pursuing its proxy war against Pakistan and targeting the CPEC in the process, the Indian government declares the CPEC to be anti-Indian because it has its own so-called parameters of national and regional security. Is due.

According to documents available from official sources, the Indian Prime Minister is personally commanding and supervising a terrorist cell working against the CPEC.

Pakistan’s position has been further strengthened in identifying India’s hostility to the CPEC against Pakistan when a vast Indian network of fake websites, NGOs and large-scale media organizations Surprising revelation was made about the existence of Pakistan after which propaganda against Pakistan is being carried out and it is justified. Pakistan has extensively used its diplomatic missions in various neighboring countries of the Indian intelligence agency RAW around the world, including the United Nations, the Security Council and international forums, to manage, guide and assist Pakistan’s various terrorist organizations. Tells about the direct and destructive role. . India has an anti-terrorism cell against the CPEC, which has been working since 2015 through its Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), which has been responsible for obstructing, weakening and delaying CPEC projects. The task of becoming was assigned.

The Prime Minister of India has also been properly identified for terrorist organizations all over Pakistan and all citizens for financing, organizing, organizing and rewarding the terrorist cell. A hefty 500 million was allocated to fund terrorist activities against C.

It is also clearly stated that India’s intelligence agency RAW and its locally based franchises such as Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), BRA, Baloch Liberation Front (BLF) and Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan There is a direct link between (TTP).

Terrorists in Balochistan, Azad Jammu and Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan have been on the rise since the CPEC launched a few years ago to launch and finance projects in Pakistan to enhance connectivity and its development in the region. Attacks have increased.

CPEC Ltd. for the social and economic future of Pakistan. It is necessary and India wants to hurt Pakistan economically by hurting the CPEC.

Efforts are also being made to finance the unrest in Pakistan by interfering in the country’s domestic dynamics by wrapping India in the dark seas of political turmoil and social uncertainty. Pakistan is directly and indirectly involved in Pakistan’s internal affairs through sponsorship of terrorist activities to raise up to Rs 22 billion in various organizations to promote its nefarious plans to create instability. The great game changer also sabotages CPEC.

As already mentioned, Pakistan has taken appropriate security measures to thwart India’s nefarious plans against the country, including the CPEC. It is most important and necessary that Pakistan be given the support of the international community, such as the United Nations. All international forums should be updated through their diplomatic network. Missions around the world have provided Indian patronage and financial support to expose and thwart false and baseless anti-Pakistan and anti-CPEC propaganda in a determined and rapid manner.

The author is a Lahore-based freelance journalist and columnist and retired Deputy Controller (News), Radio Pakistan, Islamabad. [email protected]


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