Inequality Begins at Top: UN Head for World Leaders

Inequality Begins at Top: UN Head for World Leaders

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New York: UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres on Saturday accused world powers of ignoring inequality in global institutions, but said the coronovirus epidemic has created an “origination opportunity” to create a more equal, sustainable world.
Giving annual lectures to the Nelson Mandela Foundation via the Internet, Guterres insisted for a so-called New Global Deal to ensure power, wealth and opportunity, which are shared more widely and fairly internationally .
“Nations that have been out for more than seven decades have refused to consider the reforms needed to transform power relations in international institutions,” Guterres said. “The composition and voting rights are a matter in the United Nations Security Council and on the board of the Bretton Woods system.”
“Inequality starts at the top in global institutions. They should start improving by addressing inequality,” he said.
The Bretton Woods system includes the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank.
He said the epidemic has revealed, like X-rays, “fractures in the fragile skeletons of the societies we have built.”
“It is exposing the fallacies and lies everywhere: the lies that the free market can provide healthcare for all; the imagination that is not the work of unpaid care; the illusion that we live in a post-racist world Are; the myth we all have. The same boat, “Guterres said during a virtual lecture.
A former Portugal socialist Prime Minister Guterres said, “Because while we were all swimming in the same sea, it is clear that some people are in the supertach, while others are clinging to the floating debris.”
Coronovirus has infected more than 14 million people and caused around 600,000 known deaths worldwide, according to the Reuters tally. The United Nations has appealed for $ 10.3 billion to help poor states, but has received only $ 1.7 billion.
Guterres said that rich countries “have failed to give the necessary support to help the developing world” and that the epidemic has “brought home the tragic disconnect between self-interest and common interest; and huge gaps in governance structures and moral structures” . ”
He said that a changing world needs new social security policies with safety nets including universal health coverage and the possibility of universal basic income.
Guterres concluded, “Now is the time for global leaders to decide. Will we be the victims of chaos, division, inequality? Or will we correct the faults of the past and move forward together for the good of all?”


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