Innovative / new marketing essentials. Daily Times

Innovative / new marketing essentials. Daily Times

Digital transformation has progressed to the next level and in order to increase digitalization, marketing needs to be modernized, there is a certain set of capabilities and it is necessary to adopt new mindsets.

The marketplace is humane. Today we live in a digital and modern world but people’s beliefs and values ​​influence their choice of products and services. Marketing success is built on strong brands with strong loyalty. Today’s user is highly educated and knowledgeable. Consumer loyalty is declining. The digital age has given electricity to consumers rather than sellers. Marketers and professionals should use their understanding of customers’ beliefs and values ​​to create powerful stories about their brands and product offerings.

نقیب (Growth Marketing Agency), has joined hands Kotler Impact Inc. (Strategic Marketing Community, founded by Professor Philip Kotler), based in Canada, is primarily to develop an ecosystem under the pyramids to create a better world for present and future generations. ۔

The dynamics of marketing have changed from marketing principles to modern marketing. While understanding the need of the hour Kotler and partners along with 50 local assistants Writing a book of its kind, ‘Innovative marketing accessories’, Will be officially announced November 6 and 7, 2020 I 100+ countries During the e-World Marketing Summit 2020. The book will be published annually on May 27. Therefore, the first edition will be published on it May 27, 2021

A 21st Century Book on Modern Marketing Essentials, Marketing and Management

The book will be a collection of themes Storyteller And Storytelling. However, 40-50 case studies Corporate and non-corporate sectors will be involved. Interestingly, at least one million copies (A combination of online and offline) Will be published in each country with an expected audience of at least ten million organic eyes. The book will also be made available to business / high school students of Business / Management Studies.

نقیب Kotler is the exclusive country partner for Impact Inc. in Pakistan and has formed the Country Advisory Board. The board will help shortlist and finalize 40 organizations / brands To include his case studies in the next book. This will help the reader to understand the local examples and concepts more deeply.

Professor Philip Kotler Has been added as Board chair. The 19 leading members, local and international education and marketing leaders, will work with Naqib and Kotler Impact Inc. to ensure that effective case studies / success stories become part of this book.

Country Advisory Members include:
1. Professor Philip Kotler, Father and Founder of Modern Marketing, Kotler Impact Inc. and World Marketing Summit
2. Sadia Kabria, Founder of Socio-Entrepreneurship and CEO of WMS Group
3. Professor Mark Oliver Operensk, Digital Guru, University of Lیکbeck, Germany
Dr .. Dr. Abdullah Magdad, CEO of Mega Buzz Saudi Arabia
5. Dennis Rothman, Advisor to LVMH, Air France and EU
6. Professor Dominic Hansens, University of California, Los Angeles, USA
7. Laura Reese, Marketing Consultant and Author of “22 Good Laws of Branding”
8. Dr. S. Akbar Zaidi, Executive Director, IBA Karachi
9. Amir Iqbal, Chief Commercial Officer, Engro Fertilizers Limited
10. Ms. Seema Aziz, Owner, Safem
11. Asif Aziz, Chief Commercial Officer, JAZ
12. Fatima Asad Saeed, Managing Director, Abacus
13. Dr. Shehzad Khan, CECCCL Pharmaceuticals
14. Sadia Abbasi, GE Country Manager Hydro at Renewable Energy (Former Marketing Director, Coca-Cola)
15. Fahad Ashraf, GM Pakistan and Afghanistan, Coca-Cola
16. Muhammad Azfar Ahsan, Founder, N, Shell Conferences and Corporate Pakistan Group
17. Zeeshan Hanif Qureshi, Group Chief Marketing Officer, Q Mobile
18. Dr. Farah Arif, Founder and CEO of Tech Works
19. M. Ammar Hassan, Chief Marketing Officer, Draz

Top Pakistani companies from various sectors will be invited to express their interest. And once their submission is complete, the data will be shared with the relevant board members. Board members will shortlist the top 30 organizations / brands. Once the shortlisting process is complete, the companies will update on their selection and they will be contacted by a Professor of Management / Marketing nominated by the top business schools in Pakistan. Once companies provide them with data, professors write case studies independently.

CEO Naqib, Mohammad Moazzam Shahbaz said that we have formed a Country Advisory Board for “Essentials of Modern / New Marketing” so that the leaders have the opportunity to be the best architects for the society instead of just one project.

Naqib, Kotler Impact Inc. and the entire team look forward to working with board members, corporates / brands, and professors / scholars to engineer this exemplary book that will be a turning point in the 21st century. The move will not only bridge the gap between academia and corporate, but also give students, business people and marketing professionals a local perspective.


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