Intelligence agencies arrested a mechanic in connection with the Johar Town blast

Intelligence agencies arrested a mechanic in connection with the Johar Town blast

Intelligence agencies have arrested a car mechanic in connection with the blast in Lahore’s Johar Town three days ago. Geo News Citing sources, it was reported on Saturday.

Sources said that the intelligence agencies arrested the mechanic for altering the interior of the car used in the blast. “It has been moved to an unknown location,” he added.

Security officials were inspecting the site of an explosion in Lahore on June 23, 2021, which killed at least three people and injured several others. – AFP / File

However, the man who left the car at the scene of the blast has not yet been arrested.

At least three people were killed and scores injured when a car packed with explosives exploded near Johar Town in the city near Hafiz Saeed’s residence on Wednesday. Police said militants targeted police in the blast.

Raids were carried out in Karachi

Sources familiar with the matter said that yesterday, security agencies raided the residence of a man in Karachi accused of being involved in the deadly blast. Geo News.

An investigation by security agencies has revealed that the man, Peter Paul David, had visited Lahore three times in the last month and a half and had been there for a total of 27 days.

According to sources, the agencies obtained his immigration data and found evidence that he met several people during his stay. The car used in the blast was also registered with David.

Sources said that David runs a scrap and hotel business in Bahrain and moved his family from the Middle East to Pakistan. Sources said that he arrived in the country a month and a half ago, during which time he went to Lahore. Three times.


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