IOA Chairman dissolved ‘NITI Aayog; The Secretary-General says it is illegal, it has been reestablished More sports news

IOA Chairman dissolved ‘NITI Aayog; The Secretary-General says it is illegal, it has been reestablished More sports news

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New Delhi: General Secretary Rajiv Mehta, among the top officials of Indian Olympic Association, openly termed the decision of President Narinder Batra as “illegal” to the Ethics Commission.

Batra and Mehta have been with the IOA President for some time at loggerheads and have recently given statements that he will handle a lot of the responsibilities of the Secretary-General.

Mehta said, it is his job to handle the day-to-day affairs of the IOA.

The latest quarrel is over the tenure of the IOA’s Ethics Commission headed by retired Justice VK Gupta. In 2017, the commission was appointed.

Mehta has written to the Executive Council members, National Sports Federations and State Olympic bodies that the President’s letter dated 19/05/2020 “dissolved the IOA Ethics Commission (2017-2021) has been found to be illegal and commissioned.” Restored again “.

Mehta wrote, “An investigation on the case is done by the chairman of the IOA Legal Commission. The issues of the commission / committees will be discussed at the next meeting of the Executive Council of the IOA.”

The IOA Legal Commission is headed by Senior Vice President and Senior Advocate RK Anand.

On his part, Batra asked the administrative staff to put a letter for the record.

Mehta claimed that the annual general meeting of the IOA, held in December 2017, authorized Batra and himself to be appointed chairman / convener / member of the commission and committees and has not given any consent for new appointments or removal.

In a separate letter to members of the IOA ethics commission, Mehta said Batra’s letter “has no force of any kind” to remove him. He requested the members to ignore the letter (from Batra) and continue their jobs.

Mehta said that a member of the NITI Aayog can only be removed from the post as per a decision and ethics rules of the Executive Council.

The rules provide for a four-year term of the Ethics Commission.

Mehta claimed that the ethics rules were sought to be changed and added that “there is a clear case of a breakdown of trust.”

“In the 2019 rules, the terms of the Ethics Commission members are still four years old, both in the index and in the period of appointment. But the last page has been replaced with a different term (two years; 2017-19).” The Secretary-General wrote.

Mehta wrote, “Once President Batra signed the ethics rules of 2018 for four years in the tenure of the current members, any interpretation could not end the tenure of the members of the Ethics Commission on May 19, 2020. . ”

Mehta also said that “the first act of misdemeanor in putting together the revised 2019 IOA Ethics Rules is very clear”.

“It needs to be investigated further. I am referring this matter to the chairman of the IOA Legal Commission and the expert on forensic investigation.”

The nine-member Ethics Commission also has BJP spokesperson and IOA vice-president Sudhanshu Mittal, another senior vice-president Anil Khanna and Winter Olympic star Siva Keshavan.

Mittal on Monday objected to the appointment of Joint Secretary Rakesh Gupta as the official minute recorder, calling it a “cruel act” and “a violation of the IOA Constitution”.

Mittal wrote to Batra, “As the president of the IOA, you are not expected to follow the provisions of the Constitution and indulge in such illegalities.”


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