IPL 2020 – It is a game of cricket whether it is Ashes Test or World Cup Final: Stokes – Cricket

IPL 2020 – It is a game of cricket whether it is Ashes Test or World Cup Final: Stokes – Cricket

His teammates, seniors and even critics who define Ben Stokes’ career, cannot help being in awe, but the English cricketer who won the World Cup is mostly unhappy with his performance to ensure that Improvement never stops.

As of his life of the last three-four years, the 29-year-old already has over 7000 runs and over 270 wickets in all formats and his name is mentioned alongside the likes of Ian Botham and Andrew Flintoff.

Speaking to PTI in an interview, Stokes revealed how he has transformed into a world animal over the years.

“Experience. The more you play, the more you learn about yourself. You are able to understand different things and different situations. Consistently, I have never been happier wherever I am as a player.

“I am always trying to grow. I am still trying to work on my strength and that is how I score runs and take wickets. Do not forget this. But removing my weaknesses, that makes me more consistent as a player, ”said the man from Durham, who fears teams for their game-changing abilities.

Whether he is a central figure in the tense World Cup final or an epic Ashes in Leeds, Stokes acknowledges that opportunity plays on every player’s mind, even as he tries to shut out the outside noise.

Asked how he remained calm for big games, Stokes replied: “The game’s system.” “It starts with people picking up the game (publicity). To say that we are not nervous or worried about the occasion. This is normal.

“It is all about embracing the situation and dealing with it properly without taking it away. At the end of the day, it is a game of cricket whether it is the Ashes Test or the World Cup Final, ”the answer seemed simpler than the actual execution.

Talking about big games and stakes, the Indian Premier League has drawn players through the years to understand what the occasion means.

“IPL is a wonderful learning curve and you have to play with some of the best players in the world. You choose their minds, ”said the player, who is competing for the Rajasthan Royals this season.

“You play in front of sold houses and get familiar with that kind of environment. Just using every ball in the IPL is an opportunity and the energy they bring is a big thing.

“Once you get used to it, you become comfortable with a high-pressure environment.” The question that did not put him off was about the fact that before the game started against Mumbai Indians, he had not hit a six for more than 100 deliveries.

“This is a very useless thing to be written about,” he said, adding that Roy had scored a brilliant century against MI in the last match.

For someone blessed with equal finesse in both aspects of the game, Stokes believes bowling a technically talented player like England captain Joe Root and batting against the likes of James Anderson and Stuart Broad has earned him the “big Scale “has helped.

“When you’re bowling against someone like Rooty (Joe Root) or batting against two of England’s greatest fast bowlers (Broad and Anderson), it helps to improve massively as an all-rounder.” .

“They are going to test you in every aspect of the game and when you have a bat or ball in your hand, it is a wonderful challenge for you for 20 minutes or half an hour on the net.” Stokes feels delighted when he is able to deliver the best against England in the Nets, which could be huge for confidence at the international level.

He said, ‘You can’t get out the route, but you will know that you have bowled well. Similarly against Jimmy and Broad, even if you do not dismiss them, you do not dismiss them, you come out with the achievement that two of the greatest players in the game could not get you out.

“Sometimes, you want to practice playing short ball and you can be out in the net five or six times. But it is being said that it is wonderful to have that kind of practice in the nets against them. “


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