IPL 2020: ‘Thieves Can’t Stop Theft Until Regrets, I Can’t Be The Police Forever’

IPL 2020: ‘Thieves Can’t Stop Theft Until Regrets, I Can’t Be The Police Forever’

Whether he warns before going for ‘Giving Mankad’, Ravichandran Ashwin certainly gets in the news from what he does at the crease in bowling when a batsman gets too far behind. Ashwin had split the cricket world when he had run out of backups for last year’s IPL without warning to Jos Buttler, and this year he made headlines after warning Aaron Finch for the same offense. .

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When Ashwin’s warning to Aaron Finch made him so upset that the off-spinner had to tweet that it was the first and final warning, instead of a storm on social media when he got a chance in the Royal Challengers Bangalore vs Delhi Capitals encounter.

“Let’s make it clear !! First and final warning for 2020. I’m making it official and don’t blame me later.


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And I am good friend btw, ”Ashwin tweeted.

The veteran off-spinner is now going to state that he cannot become a policeman forever. “I will say this. No theft can stop till the thieves repent. I can’t be a police forever. I tagged Ponting in the tweet. He said that he must have asked me to drive him out. He said ‘one wrong one is wrong’. He is talking to the ICC committee about the punishment. He is really trying his best to live up to his promise, ”Ashwin said in his YouTube show Hello Dubiah.

Ashwin also revealed that Ponting, the head coach of the Delhi Capitals, is in talks with the ICC’s cricket committee if a batsman fines too far at the non-striker’s end.

He said, ‘When we played against RCB, a part of the field was big, I knew someone would back off because it was not so easy to make the boundary. They had people who could change couplets. So I knew it would happen. I went into my jump and swam a gold helmet while delivering the ball. I stopped and thought, he is still out of the crease, just staring, ”said Ashwin.

“We have been a good friend since playing together for KXIP. So I let it slide as a final warning. Punishment should be severe, dock 10 for back up. Nobody will do it. Achieving this type of batsman is not a skill. But there is no substitute for the bowler. “


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