IPL Bio-Bubble: Wrangle of Franchise WAGs, Local Drivers, Security, Hospitality | Cricket news

IPL Bio-Bubble: Wrangle of Franchise WAGs, Local Drivers, Security, Hospitality | Cricket news

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File Pic: MS Dhoni and Virat Kohli (R) point next to IPL Trophy. (AFP photo)

NEW DELHI: There is a possibility of handing over a broad assignment to BCCI Operating procedure permanent (SOP) for eight franchises for the upcoming IPL In the UAE, but there are some questions that all stakeholders need to know in the coming days.
However it is expected that most of the franchises will start sending their recurring teams to the UAE so that they can test the facilities as well as create a bio-safe environment.
Some franchisees have some questions that BCCI will have to answer in its SOP.
About the players’ families
This is a difficult issue which will depend entirely on what the BCCI says in its SOP. A senior franchise official said that it would be “criminal” to keep players away from their partners and families for two months and that too in a hygienic environment where there would be minimal social interaction during the tournament.
“During normal times, wives and girlfriends, many times families join players during specified times but this is a completely different scenario. If families travel, do they normally go to rooms without being able to move around? Can you be limited? ” An officer asked.
“There will be players who are between 3 and 5 years old and how can you keep them in the room for two months,” he said.
Will small boutique hotels or resorts work better?
While the top Cricket Teams are used to staying in five-star facilities, but it is difficult for just the team to rent several five-star hotels where other visitors will not be allowed.
A senior BCCI official, who was an integral part of the 2014 IPL in Dubai, feels that in the desert city, even three-star boutique hotels are as good as five stars and there are resorts that are completely It is easy to rent.
“Look every franchise will not be able to match to say Mumbai Indians, Which would undoubtedly be the best set-up in these trying times. They have private jets, even they can take doctors from their super specialty hospital, rent a five-star hotel. Others need to see what is best for them. Can be a beach resort, ”the official said.
He argued to have resorts with separate cottages, which reduces the risk of centralized air conditioning, as infection is likely to spread through AC ducts.
Team Bus Driver and Local Security Officer
Normally at any location, BCCI (on foreign tours having a relationship with the host board) and, in this case, in franchise coordination Emirates Cricket Board Local transport will be hired, including the luxury bus, which takes the team to the stadium.
Generally, local people who leave the bus for home after day work, but in this case, may be asked to live in a bio-safe environment for two months.
“If every day, they are going to go home, they have to go into the outdoor environment and you have to minimize the risk,” said a top franchise official.
Ditto for local security personnel who will be deployed on and off the field for teams. Many franchisees ideally want to accommodate them in hotels.
Catering staff based on serving players
Will there be a separate bio-bubble for the catering staff that usually serves players during breaks? Like drivers and safety officers, they can be tested every day and incorporated into a bio-safe environment.


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