Iran’s victory cry after US bid to expand arms embargo flop at UN

Iran’s victory cry after US bid to expand arms embargo flop at UN

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President Hassan Rouhani (AFP)

Tehran: Iran on Saturday rejected a vote by the UN Security Council, rejecting an American bid to expand arms on the Islamic Republic, stating that its enemy was “never so different ” Used to be.
President Hassan Rouhani said the US failed to kill a “half-alive” 2015 deal with the major powers relieving Iran of sanctions in exchange for sanctions on nuclear powers.
Rouhani said, “America failed in this conspiracy with insults.”
“This day will go down in the history of our Iran and in the history of fighting global ego.”
Only two of the council’s 15 members voted in favor of the US resolution to expose the split between Washington and its European allies since President Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018. Voted.
Washington’s European allies barred all, and Iran mocked the Trump administration only to win the support of another country, the Dominican Republic.
Foreign Ministry spokesman Abbas Mousavi tweeted, “America has never been so isolated in the 75-year history of the United Nations.”
“Despite all the travel, pressure and hawking, the United States can only mobilize a small country (to vote) with them.”
The streets of Tehran had a mixed reaction from the people.
“This is an American political game. One day they make a resolution to the Security Council, the next they say they have taken Iranian fuel,” said an activist in the city’s Grand Bazaar that he only gave his name as Ahmadi .
A druggist employee named Abdoli told AFP that he was happy that Iran won, but said it should “negotiate with the United States and establish relations”.
The result raises the possibility that the US will try unilaterally to withdraw the UN sanctions, which experts say threaten to sink the council into one of its worst diplomatic crises.
US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made it clear on Saturday’s visit to Poland that the United Nations would pressurize the United States despite the defeat of the United Nations.
Pompeo told reporters in Warsaw, “It is unfortunate that the French and the United Kingdom … have not supported the demand of the Gulf states, which the Israelis have demanded … I regret it.”
“The United States is determined to ensure that Iranians and this regime, this democratic regime, do not have the potential to do more harm to the world”.
The UN ambassador to Israel called the UN vote an “insult”.
“This decision will further destabilize the Middle East, and increase the spread of violence worldwide,” said Guild Erdan.
The ban on conventional weapons is due to expire on 18 October under the terms of a proposal that would have blessed the Iran nuclear deal, officially known as the Joint Comprehensive Action Plan.
Since Trump pulled out of the JCPOA and slapped unilateral sanctions on Iran, Tehran has taken small but escalatory steps out of compliance with the deal as it presses for sanctions relief.
European allies of the United States — who, along with Russia and China, have signed agreements with Iran — have endorsed support for embracing 13-year-old conventional weapons, stating that a threat to an end in the Middle East There is a danger of stability.
However, their priority is to preserve the JCPOA.
The US text seen by the AFP effectively called for an indefinite extension of the embargo on Iran, which diplomats said would threaten the nuclear deal.
Iran says it has the right to self-defense and that continuing the ban would mean the end of the agreement.
In addition to the 11 restraints, Russia and China opposed the proposal.
China’s UN mission tweeted, “The result once again shows that there is no support for unilateralism and bullying will fail.”
Germany’s Ambassador Günter Sutter, who said “more consultation is needed” to find a solution acceptable to all council members.
During a call between Trump and France’s President Emmanuel Macron, the leaders discussed the “urgent need for UN action to increase weapons on Iran”.
Hours ago, Russian President Vladimir Putin appealed to China, France, Russia, Britain, the US, Germany and Iran to hold an emergency video summit to avoid tensions in the Gulf.
Washington has threatened to try to withdraw UN sanctions if it is not extended using a controversial technique called “snapback”.
Pompeo argued that the US remains a “partner” in the JCPOA because it was listed in the 2015 proposal – and could force Iran to revert to sanctions if it sees Iran as violating its terms .
European allies are skeptical about whether Washington can enforce the sanctions and warn that it will be handed over to the Security Council.
Nevertheless, the US expects a snapback letter to be delivered next week, AFP understands.
Analysts suspect that Washington deliberately drafted a strict draft it knew council members would not be able to accept.


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