Is it safe to visit the dentist during an epidemic?

Is it safe to visit the dentist during an epidemic?

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Washington: Is it safe to visit the dentist during the Kovid-19 epidemic? Dentists may not eliminate all risk, but they are taking steps to reduce the likelihood of the spread of coronavirus.
As soon as you enter the office you will be notified of the changes. Many dentists have removed magazines from waiting rooms, for example, as well as some chairs to encourage social distance.
They are also ending appointments to avoid overcrowding in their offices.
You may be asked to arrive for your appointment with face covering and wait in your car until the equipment is cleaned and the dentist is ready. Before receiving care, you can expect employees to take their temperature and ask for Kovid-19 symptoms.
Processes are also changing.
Coronavirus is mainly spread through droplets when people talk, cough or sneeze.
Dental care requires close quarters and procedures that can produce saliva and a spray of water.
To reduce the risk, dentists are returning to manual tools for procedures such as teeth cleaning, rather than other tools that can work faster but create more of that spray.
Employees have also started wearing masks, face shields and other personal protective equipment. Some dentists are charging for all additional gear, so ask in advance if you should expect additional costs.
As the epidemic spread earlier this year, dental offices at American hospitals were mostly closed except for emergency care. By the end of June, almost all offices had reopened, according to surveys by the American Dental Association.


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