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Giving is a pleasure because the act of kindness leaves an impact on both the giver and the receiver. This is the very basis of the week-long festival which is the Dan Utsav (2–8 October). And all of this is more relevant to celebrate it because the epidemic has left many people helpless. So prevent this opportunity to directly or indirectly affect life.

The process of this annual event has taken a virtual route this year, so that people can participate from the comfort of their homes. Anjana Sharma, a school teacher in Gurugram, recalls, “I have donated to NGO Goonj earlier, and this time I will donate clothes and shoes for the underprivileged. It is not just me but my whole group of friends who are going to donate together there. I think that this festival of giving should be celebrated twice a year because it promotes kindness, and that is what we really need in today’s world. ”

JV Laxmi, a volunteer organization based in Ghaziabad, says, “Last year, on the same day we organized a similar camp. I was reminded that whoever came to donate; It reflects the spirit of the people. NGOs like Goonj have started mobile camps, where all are collecting vehicle donations following the Kovid-19 protocol, while some private companies send their employees to the cloud meeting mobile app, Bingo, Tambola and even Encourage you to play online games to play poker tournaments, raise money for philanthropy. And employees of a Gurugram-based company are practicing a rice bucket challenge to celebrate the week.

Individuals, NGOs and private organizations come forward to donate during the week-long charity festival.

Vaishali Nigam Sinha from this company says, “We started this challenge in 2014 and managed to collect around 1,500 kg of rice in a year. Since then, collection has increased to about 68,000 kg due to the efforts of the staff. And this year, as we operate virtually, we are hoping to collect 25,000 kg of rice for migrant workers. The best part is that now employees are ready for this challenge every year and we continue to expand the scope of beneficiaries. This challenge during the charity festival is our way of giving back to the community and helping to overcome the problem of hunger, which is one of the most important issues facing our country. ”

The funds being raised will be donated for vocational training of unemployed persons, food for patients in hospitals and their relatives, sanitary pads for underprivileged women, and even athletics for disadvantaged communities. A Delhi-based NGO, Slam Out Loud is bringing arts and artistic opportunities closer to the underprivileged through events that will allow children and adults to experience the magic of art, especially during epidemics to take care of their well-being for.

The Childline India Foundation has established an emergency helpline number by the government for children in crisis, and is celebrating the festival through activities such as a digital poster contest; Where participants will shed light on the importance of charity celebration. Anjia Pandiri from the Foundation says, “We are all celebrating the festival in the network and spreading the message of non-violence against Gandhiji’s children and local events and campaigns in their local communities. This event helps in creating public awareness against violence and crime against children. ”

Another NGO, Pratham Utsav is celebrating #JoyOfReading with a challenge. As part of this, one can record pictures / videos (s) while reading aloud while balancing one’s body weight on one leg or practicing a plank. You can post a video between any day of the week using #AaoJoRDein. Tag at least three of your friends, nominate them to join the initiative. So, have fun as soon as you join in the joy of giving!

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