Jaime retracted her ex-husband, Prime Minister Imran Khan, over a rape remark

Jaime retracted her ex-husband, Prime Minister Imran Khan, over a rape remark

Via Twitter / The News

LONDON / KARACHI: British screenwriter and documentary film producer Jemima Goldsmith on Wednesday called her ex-husband, Prime Minister Imran Khan, to link sexual abuse to pornography.

“Tears are on men,” he wrote on Twitter, sharing one Daily mail In the headlines of the story, “Pakistan’s Prime Minister Imran Khan accused women of dressing to increase the incidence of rape.”

Jemima, who never breaks her word and always reaches this point, blew up her ex-spouse quoting a verse from the Quran in which the man was told to “control his eyes “The concept is presented. پاردہ.

“Tell believing men to close their eyes and protect their private parts,” he wrote, citing the article on Twitter. Verse سور سور نور سے

In another tweet, Jemima lamented that her ex-husband was aware of the change in her views, saying she still hoped it was a “misunderstanding / misunderstanding”. Interpreter.

“Imran, whom I knew, used to say, ‘Don’t cover a man’s eyes with a woman’s,'” he said.

‘Sex, drugs and rock’ n roll ‘

Earlier this week, the Pakistani prime minister made contact.Obscenity, Or with an increase in cases of sexual violence, including immorality, rape.

His remarks came during a meeting where he was taking calls from the public when a citizen asked what the PTI government was planning, especially in light of the rising incidence of sexual violence against children.

Prime Minister Imran Khan had changed the allegations and said that there were some battles that only governments and legislation could not win and society should also join this battle.

He also reiterated his earlier stance on his visit to the UK, saying that “during the 70’s there was a culture of sex, drugs and rock n roll”. He claimed that “in this society, the divorce rate has increased by 70% due to immorality.”

Men ‘can’t stop their power’

The whole concept of پاردہThe Prime Minister had said that either there is a hidden thing in Islam or there is a need for sedition. There are a lot of people in society who “can’t keep their will in power” and that “he had to show himself somehow”.

This time around, Prime Minister Imran Khan’s comments were not surprising in the past, he has failed to address the root of the problem, he demanded a ban on apps like Tik Tok because his claim It was that they were harming the values ​​of society.

Last year, he had said that New Delhi, the capital of India, had become a “rape of the world” due to the obscenity and vulgar content shown in Bollywood films.

It was also during the government of Prime Minister Imran Khan that Umar Sheikh, a former top police official in Lahore, blamed the survivor of the Lahore Motorway gang-rape case for crossing the road, which he said. Chosen, and said she should have checked her petrol tank. Said the way.

The Lahore Motorway gang-rape case sparked protests across Pakistan, calling on Khan’s PTI-led government to take appropriate action against the growing sexual misconduct.


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