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Jakarta Lockdown News: Jakarta partially reopens from coronavirus lockdown World News

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JAKARTA: Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta, is the most difficult city due to the new coronovirus, partially reopened two months after the lockdown as the world’s fourth most populous country slowly reopens its economy. Huh. The city of 11 million people, with a total of 30 million in the metropolitan area, has been subject to massive social restrictions since April 10.
Jakarta Governor Anees Basavadan announced that all the puja facilities would be allowed to reopen on Friday with their own capacity and social security measures, followed by offices, restaurants and grocery stores which would start at only 50% on Monday Resume activities with employees and customers.
This measure also applies to public transport.
The so-called “new normal” schools have been closed during this month’s transition phase, while some shopping centers, zoos and beaches will open their doors next week.
But the major transport and industrial hubs have now signaled the end of their isolation, with long queues of passengers appearing at train stations on social media, with many ignoring social regulations.
Jakarta is the first major city to implement partial lockdown in the country, with more than 8,033 confirmed deaths, with 529 deaths. Nationwide, 31,186 infections and 1,851 fatalities have occurred.


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