jee neet: IIT students, JEE, NEET candidates launch alumani portal for transport facility requirement

jee neet: IIT students, JEE, NEET candidates launch alumani portal for transport facility requirement

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New Delhi: Students and alumni of various Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) have launched a portal to help JEE and NEET candidates with transportation facility, officials said.

Travel concerns have been raised by students on social media amid coronovirus risk. In addition, many candidates have moved to various cities during the lockdown and are, therefore, far away from the examination centers.

“During the COVID-19 crisis, a major concern among the students is about the difficulty of accessing the examination centers. IIT students and alumni have immediately come forward and launched a dedicated portal to engage with good Samaritans, Want to help needy candidates.

A portal called “The
edurideIIT Delhi Director V Ramgopal Rao said, “For candidates, the burden of commuting, especially from remote locations and areas with poor connectivity, will be less.”

“After registration of alumni, volunteers and candidates, the portal will connect the appropriate combinations of volunteers and candidates through the exchange of contact details. The two can then coordinate to plan a trip to the examination center. Donated The money gone will help the organizers fund cabs. For the examinees on exam day, “he said.

In the wake of increasing cases of COVID-19, there is a growing uproar against holding important entrance examinations like JEE-Mains, JEE-Advanced and NEET in September.

However, the Ministry of Education (MoE) has claimed that further delay in conducting the examination may lead to zero academic year and hence, the examinations will be conducted in September as per the scheduled schedule.

While the National Eligibility-cum-Entrance Test (NEET) is scheduled to be held on 13 September, the Engineering Entrance Examination JEE-Main scheme has been started from 1-6 September.

Examinations have been postponed twice in the wake of the coronavirus epidemic.

JEE-Mains was originally scheduled to be held from April 7-11, but it was postponed to July 18-23. The NEET-UG was originally scheduled for 3 May, but was pushed to 26 July. Subsequently, the examinations were postponed again and are now scheduled in September.

Rao last week appealed to students and alumni to come up with a solution to help candidates with transportation facility and other logistics support.


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