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Joe Biden says he plans to run for re-election with Kamala Harris

New York: US President Joe Biden plans to run for re-election with Kamala Harris as his running mate.
“I would fully expect that to happen. He’s doing a great job. He’s a great fellow, he’s a great fellow,” he said when speaking at his news conference on Thursday about his vice-president in the 2024 election Asked about the candidate.
A journalist reported that former President Donald Trump began his election campaign soon after taking office, but Biden has not yet done so.
“My predecessor is needed,” he said and jokingly said, “My predecessor, my lord, I miss him.”
He said, “I plan to run for the reunion. This is my expectation.”
“I don’t even think about it (it),” he said of his chances to face his nemesis Trump again. “I have no idea what the Republican Party will be? Do you?”
Turning to the philosopher, he said: “The way I look at things, I have become a great honor of fate in my life.”
He said that his goal is “to change the paradigm. We begin the work of reward, not just money.”
He will turn 81 in 2024.
Having exceeded the goal of delivering 100 million doses of the Kovid-19 vaccine before the 100-day goal day in office, he increased the target to 200 million shots.
It was Biden’s first news conference and the 64-day hiatus since taking office was the longest of recent presidents.
The hour-long formal encounter with journalists marked the opposite of Trump and the journalists’ confrontational style. As he entered the eastern chamber of the White House, reporters stood up to greet him respectfully.
Since he is gaff-prone when he speaks spontaneously, the encounter was carefully done with Biden calling the reporters from a clearly screened list on the podium for media-only journalists sympathetic to him was considered.
Unlike Trump, who spontaneously called reporters out and hostile him, Biden did not question anyone from media such as Fox News, whom the White House considers unfaithful.
Biden often looked at notes while answering questions.
He raised his voice when he slammed Republicans for opposing the voting rights legislation proposed by his party to expand access to voting.
He said that it is “sick”, “despicable” and “United Nations”.
Selected journalists put most of the questions with softball.
The only compelling questions that put him on the defensive were about the migration crisis at the Mexico border, where thousands of people are trying to enter the country and children are being held in appalling conditions.
He blamed Trump for laxity on the border and denied that the notion of welcoming him was fueling the growth of migrants.
He quipped, “I think I should flatter if people are coming because I’m a good man.”
But he distanced himself from the claim that his attitude towards immigrants was changing him further, saying that “every single, solitary year happens … in winter when it’s cold.”
Biden said that Trump “destroyed all the elements that existed to tackle a problem and – and – remained a problem for a long time”.
Biden said that most of the attendees were being sent back to Mexico but were welcoming the children themselves.
He said, “The only people we are not going to sit on the other side of the Rio Grande (border) are without anyone’s help.”
They have been critiqued by the courts to keep children in border patrols for more than 72 hours as mandated.
He acknowledged that some were “not acceptable under the circumstances” and said that this could be solved by building more facilities to send children to their relatives early and to catch them.


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