Joe Biden to travel to Flashpoint town of Kenosha on Thursday

Joe Biden to travel to Flashpoint town of Kenosha on Thursday

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Willington: Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden Will travel to Kenosha, Wisconsin on Thursday, following a controversial visit by Donald Trump to the city amid fresh protests against racism and police brutality.
“Vice President Biden Will hold a community meeting in Kenosa to bring Americans together to fix and address the challenges we face, ”a statement from his team said on Wednesday, announcing his visit to the city Jacob Blake, a black father, was shot seven times. Back on August 23 by a white police officer.
Biden His wife will be with Jill, and the couple will also make an unspecified “local stop” according to the campaign’s statement.
Wisconsin is expected to play an important role in the November 3 presidential election.
Trump won it surprisingly in 2016 and the Republican president visited Kenosha on Tuesday – against the wishes of the Democratic mayor and state governor who feared his presence.
Demonstrations, which began peacefully on the night that Blake – who survived the shooting but could be paralyzed for life – were shot, making up for the violence that had been going on for several nights.
The tension ceased on 25 August, when two people were shot dead and a third was injured. A 17-year-old white Trump supporter has been arrested on charges of murder.
Trump equaled the protests during his visit Tuesday by violent crowds seeking racial justice with “domestic terror” as he visited the remains of burned businesses and pledged his support behind law enforcement.
He did not meet Blake’s family.
Trump’s 2016 rival Hillary Clinton was heavily criticized for not campaigning in Wisconsin.
Democrats planned to hold their party conference in the state this summer, but the event went almost entirely online due to the coronovirus epidemic.
While Democratic voters have said they have understood the decision, many have called Biden To visit his state before the election.


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