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Kamala Harris mourns the death of former US Vice President Walter Mondale

Washington: US Vice President Kamala Harris mourns the death of former Vice President Walter Mondale on Monday (local time).
Harris said in a statement, “Vice President Walter Mondale led an extraordinary life of service. He protected our nation as a member of the United Nations Army during the Korean War, and he served as our Attorney General of Minnesota Protected the Constitution. As a United States Senator., He struggled for equal justice – banning discrimination in housing and working tirelessly to build a great society. ”
Mondale worked under President Jimmy Carter and died at the age of 93.
“Under President Jimmy Carter, Vice President Mondley replaced the Office of the Vice President. He brought the President and Vice President together, redefining the relationship as a true partnership. Vice President Mondley shook shoulder to shoulder with President Carter. Worked. Two attempted to end the arms race, promote human rights, and establish peace, “Harris said.
When he won the Democratic Party presidential nomination in 1984, Vice President Mondley made a bold and historic choice. She chose Geraldine Ferraro of Congress as her partner – the first woman to be nominated as Vice President on a major party ticket in American history.
“With that nomination, Vice President Mondale” opened a new door to the future, “to borrow his words,” Harris said.
“Vice President Mondley was very generous with his intelligence and wisdom over the years. I was able to speak with him only a few days ago and thank him for his service and his perseverance. I will miss him dearly, and my Heart is with him. Family today. I hope he finds comfort in knowing that he is with his loving wife, Joan, and daughter, Eleanor, – and now his legacy will live on all of us.
“Every time I open my desk drawer and see his signature there with 11 other Vice President’s signatures, I will be remembered and grateful for the service life of Vice President Mondale,” the Vice President said.


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