Kamala Harris says that it would be great to get the title of Vice President but ‘Momala’ would be dear to her.

Kamala Harris says that it would be great to get the title of Vice President but ‘Momala’ would be dear to her.

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Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (AP photo)

Washington: Kamala Harris Has said that after being elected as the Democratic presidential candidate, it would be great to have a ‘Vice President’ named after him Joe Biden but ‘Momala‘Will always be what matters most to him.
On Wednesday, the 55-year-old Indian-American senator told his personal story in a comprehensive narrative of why he and Biden should win the race. White house And forms the next administration of the country over the President Donald Trump And vice president Mike pence.
Harris spoke openly about her own family during her first speech as a 2020 Democratic Vice Presidential candidate. Wilmington, Delvare, with Biden.
“Family is everything to me too. And I can’t wait for America to get my husband Doug And our wonderful children, Cole and Ella, ”she said Wednesday while referring to her stepchildren.
Harris told Elle magazine for a Mother’s Day edition that Doug Amhoff’s children from their first marriage started calling him “Momla” within 18 months of dating. Harris married Amhoff, a lawyer, in 2014.
“Do I get to swim in the bleachers, or set up a hostel in a college room, or help prepare my granddaughter for her school debates, or build Lego with my Godsen, or give me two To hug the niece of the children, or cook dinner Sunday dinner, my family is everything to me, ”she said.
Harris said, “I’ve done a lot of titles in my career. And of course, the vice president will be great. But ‘Momala’ will always be what it means the most.”
In his remarks, Biden said that during his campaign for the primary, Harris often talked about what he referred to as a 3:00 pm agenda, about mothers and dads waking up late at night in their kitchens , Worried, scared, uncertain about them. Were going to take care of their families, how they were going to pay the bills, how they were going to make it, just to make it.
As a child of migrants, Biden said, Harris knows personally how immigrant families enrich the country, as well as the challenges of what it means to grow Black and Indian-American in the United States. .
“Her story is the story of America, which is different from Khan in many specials, but not so different in essentials.
“She has worked hard. She never backs down from the challenge, and she has earned each and every one of the achievements and accomplishments, many of them often facing obstacles that get others in her way , But never left, the former US vice president said.


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