Kanye West gave financial report in presidential papers – world news

Kanye West gave financial report in presidential papers – world news

Kanye West filed his financial assets and liabilities report in the US President’s Office in October, which was part of his term for president.

The rapper, designer and entrepreneur, said his biggest asset is the fashion company Yeezy LLC, which is valued at “over $ 50 million” according to the document. The firm’s apparel and shoe arms are also valued at more than $ 50 million. Last year, Bank of America Corp valued the Yeezy’s sneaker side at just $ 3 billion, according to a document reviewed by Bloomberg.

His bets at Adidas AG and Nike Inc. are valued at $ 50 million and $ 25 million, respectively, according to the filing. West also lists liabilities of $ 100 million, the bulk of which are made up of various mortgages.

West announced his run for president via Twitter in July, although he has not secured a spot on the ballot in many states. He is eligible to appear in at least 12 states, including Mississippi and Vermont. The stage of the West demands culture of life, restoration of trust and police reform. Democrats have accused Republicans of helping Biden campaign to siphon votes from Biden.

At the same time as his run, West has also been vocal about getting a board seat at companies that have extended their brands on partnerships with him.

West posted on Twitter last month, “I don’t have a board seat in the Gap, I don’t have a board seat in Adidas.” “Black board seats matter.”

Earlier this year, his personal accountant, David Choi, provided an informal balance sheet giving the rapper a total of $ 3.15 billion in assets, with his fortune tied to Bank of America’s Yeezy valuation, which preceded the global epidemic. Was visibly shaken. Economy.


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