Karachi wholesalers deny reports of increase in oxygen cylinder prices

Karachi wholesalers deny reports of increase in oxygen cylinder prices

Oxygen cylinder wholesalers in Karachi have denied reports of price hikes in the past few days amid rising demand due to the rise in corona virus cases.

According to a wholesaler at Lucky Star Market, the oxygen refill rate is stable at Rs 80-90 per liter.

Wholesalers say the new 10-liter cylinder costs about ، 14,000.

He said that some lucrative rumors were being spread to justify the increase in prices, adding that there was no tension in the supply of oxygen.

“We have plenty of oxygen in the supply. In fact, the big companies are working in two shifts instead of three,” said one wholesaler.

Oxygen prices have been denied by wholesalers today following reports on Sunday that the price of a five-liter oxygen cylinder in Karachi has gone up by Rs 2,000 to Rs 4,000.

Furthermore, in a joint statement on Saturday, the manufacturers said that they are currently producing oxygen at their maximum capacity and if the cases of coronavirus continue to rise, the situation in India could be similar. Where there is a shortage of vital gas. Serious public health crisis.

He said that most of the domestic production of oxygen is earmarked for the health sector and if all the plants produce oxygen at full capacity, they can meet the needs of the health sector.

He also demanded uninterrupted power supply to his plants.

Planning Minister Asad Omar has already recorded that Pakistan is currently using 90% of its total gas production and if the situation is not brought under control, the country could face a shortage.

“We are working to increase capacity and import gas if needed,” he said.

Situation in Punjab

Meanwhile, storage of oxygen cylinders and related items has been banned in Punjab.

According to a notification from the Department of Primary and Secondary Health Care, the ban is effective immediately and will remain in effect for the next two months.

It will then be a crime to collect oxygen cylinders, oximeters, regulators, nasal canola and anyone found profitable in such emergency equipment will be prosecuted under the law.

Secretary Primary and Secondary Health Care Sarah Aslam has called on all charitable spirits to donate oxygen cylinders and other supplies and help the government in this difficult time.


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