Kashmala made a barrage of allegations against her son, her husband

Kashmala made a barrage of allegations against her son, her husband

Kashmala Tariq told Work News that concerns over harassment of the Federal Ombudsman for Women stated that she was being subjected to a media trial on Tuesday because she was serving in a key position and that she was harassing people. Favorite not given.

Addressing a press conference in Islamabad, he said it was wrong to say that his son was in the driver’s seat at the time of the accident on Srinagar Highway in Islamabad on Monday night in which four people were crushed to death.

She said she has given voice to voiceless women. “And when I face a media trial, I wonder how I will do justice to my responsibility as a federal ombudsman,” he said.

Regarding the accident that took place on Monday night, Kashmala said that she was traveling from Islamabad to Islamabad with her family in two vehicles when she reached G11 Chowk and had an accident around 11 pm. “My family and I were in a white car. Usually, we get heavy during the journey, and he added, “When the cars collided, we flew and fell on the seats. My nose started to bleed. After that, some precious lives. Lost

She denied media reports that she was traveling in a convoy.

The federal ombudsman said there could be no substitute for the loss of lives. “I prayed a lot for them. Even my family and I could have been in their place.

He lamented that the media was portraying him as if he and his family had fled after the incident. “Please look at the Safe City camera footage,” he asked the media.

She dismissed the allegations against her husband and son as baseless. “Let the law do its work,” he said. But the media should refrain from making baseless allegations against itself.

He appealed to the Prime Minister to get footage of the incident from the FWO so that the real picture could emerge.

At least four friends were crushed by a speeding Land Cruiser owned by the husband of the Federal Ombudsman at Kashmala Tariq on the Srinagar Highway in Islamabad on Monday night.

Azmala Khan, son of Kashmala Tariq, has been named in the FIR. According to police, the Land Cruiser was traveling from Azlan when the accident took place at Sector G11 signal.

Kashmala Tariq and her husband Waqas Khan were inside the car when the accident happened.

However, police have not yet arrested Kashmala’s son Azlan. According to sources, they have arrested Waqas Khan’s driver.


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