Keep age aside, do the best in India for skill test with me: Harbhajan Singh | Cricket news

Keep age aside, do the best in India for skill test with me: Harbhajan Singh | Cricket news

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Harbhajan Singh. (For photos)

NEW DELHI: He entered the Indian dressing room as a teenager and even after 22 seasons, the 40-year-old Harbhajan Singh A “skill” with the best spinners in the country leaves themselves behind to come out on top in a fight.
“If you still want me to stand up for the fight of skill against the youngsters whom you consider to be the best in the business, please bring it forward,” Harbhajan, who had a career-low T20 with 235 wickets The economy is the rate, told PTI. In a conversation.
Age is over-rated at one level, with 103 Tests and 236 ODIs being experienced.
“You can talk about age if the ball goes between your legs while fielding or your knees are moved or you did it in the shoulder, that’s why you can’t give that force.
“But yes, I have been in the field of wearing those India colors for at least 800 days (at the time of playing). I have been a person who needs no sympathy. But yes, if skill Talk, bring the best in India. And I’m still ready, “he said.
But can he be at his best IPL IPL without playing domestic CricketThe
Harbhajan said, “If everyone feels that if they feel that they want playing time, it’s good for them. If I play 2000 balls on the nets for a month, I play top level cricket Huh, that’s good enough. ” 40 earlier this month.
Tell him that some boys who will play IPL this season Ravi Bishnoi And Karthik Tyagi was born when he made his Test debut, he started laughing.
“It seems that you are trying to make me feel that I have become very old, but on a serious note if you look, I started when Mohammad Azharuddin was the captain of India. It is a fantastic journey, which It is full of ups and downs and I am grateful. Harbhajan said that for God I can live my dream for two decades.
“Turbator” said, “You always think you can achieve more, but you should always be grateful for the opportunities you want to achieve – that is to win matches for your country.” Inspired lockdowns have helped him get fitter like before.
“What could I have achieved for India? Well I would say,” Maybe it is not for me in my case, that is Echo Dosra Nazaria ”
Looking at his 22-year-old journey, Harbhajan said that he treats every day like a test.
“That was like an exam every day. A lot of papers went well and I got good marks and nothing I did as well as I would have liked.
With 711 international wickets in full format, the player said, “When you played actively for India. You played actively for India, you could never celebrate a good performance.”
At times, he misses the pressure to play for India.
“It’s fun you know. When I used to play, there were days when I didn’t like that crazy pressure where you are brought up one day and on earth the other day after a bad match. Is. I did not like it. Back then but now that I am not playing cricket regularly, I miss that pressure.
“Everyone will tell you that they love challenges but when in the midst of the daily grind, you start to question yourself why do I have to go through? But yes, sometimes, when I look back, a lot of days. “I enjoyed the pressure that I have to win a match for India,” he said.
Will the 2020 edition be your last IPL?
He said, “I can’t say that this will be my last IPL. It depends on my body. After a four-month workout, rest, yoga session, I’m feeling strong again just like 2013, when I had 24 wickets in that IPL version. ” The man who has 150 scallops from 160 IPL games in 12 seasons.


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