Kiran Kumar’s third COVID-19 test report came back negative, saying ‘things feel a little more real at the moment’ Hindi Movie News

Kiran Kumar’s third COVID-19 test report came back negative, saying ‘things feel a little more real at the moment’ Hindi Movie News

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Veteran actor Kiran Kumar who was tested positive for Kovid-19 on 14 May has now tested negative after the third test. The actor who was seated on a separate floor of his bungalow is now feeling better.

In an official statement, the 74-year-old actor mentioned, “It’s safe to say that things are a little more real at the moment. Sometimes in our wildest dreams we couldn’t imagine a dream like it would be our everyday . ” Reality. But this a few weeks ago, I had to undergo a routine medical procedure, for which a COVID 19 test was mandatory, under the government’s guideline at the time.

My daughter went with me for the test and we joked and laughed and generally cheered, of course it was just a formality and we would soon get on with our normal life. The test results came out positive. Within the hour, we locked a floor at home and transformed it into an isolation area. The amazing doctors of Hinduja Khar and Lilavati armed us with enough information to ensure that they do not enter it. We informed BMC about our condition and consumed everyone’s vitamins. ”

Further he said, “After retiring for Covid19 today, I am happy to say that I have tested negative. My family is still following strict home segregation. I was completely asymptomatic and There were no complaints other than boredom with isolation. ” This forced time continues as an opportunity to commit suicide and focus on the small pleasures of life. The days are being spent meditating, catching up on enough OTT material and reading books that I have bought for a long time. Our optimism and if anyone is far away from me, I am that there is nothing to fear. Corona feels like a loom, distant and frightening apparition that we take every precaution to escape and yet it is a way to enter. We thought it was a completely sanitary place. Nevertheless, we are here, dealing with it and getting on with our lives. It is unfair to test people’s loyalty when your world feels that it is making you angry. It is such a strange time that a seasonal s. neeze or cough seems too frightening. As difficult as it is to separate people, it is still difficult for their caregivers. For being on our side in these challenging times, I would like to say thank and echo to all our support staff. I want to take a breather to thank all the wonderful friends and family who have offered their unbreakable support, whether it is through endless FaceTime calls or home remedies that are steeped in love and holi!

My brother-in-law Dr. to stand with us like our personal medico superman. A special thanks to Deepak Ugra. Doctors and medical personnel are real superheroes and no one can praise them for their service. The silver lining here is that the earth is healing. Ecosystems are restoring themselves, wildlife are reclaiming their rightful place. Not only nature but relationships are also blossoming. People can remain physically isolated, but are becoming emotionally and mentally close to loved ones. We are all becoming chefs and fans or just taking this time to decompress and be. Perhaps this is the leveling process required for the dawn of a new world and I am eager to wake up to it. Love and Light, Kiran. ”

Meanwhile, Kiran came to know about her coronovirus diagnosis when she went to the hospital for a routine checkup two weeks ago. During the medical procedure, the doctor asked him to do some preliminary tests, which included the Kovid-19 test.


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