Kovid-19: Five states account for 56% of India’s new cases India news

Kovid-19: Five states account for 56% of India’s new cases India news

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New Delhi: Five states of the country – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, UP and Tamil Nadu – are leading the Kovid-19 burden in the country for 56,921 confirmed cases and 65.4% of 819 new deaths recorded on Monday.
Together these states account for 62.2% of the total 7,85,996 active cases, even accounting for 58% of the total recoveries recorded in the last 24 hours, data from the Ministry of Health show. The top three states – Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka account for 48.6% of active cases.
Maharashtra alone has 24.7% active cases and more than 22% new deaths on Monday. West Bengal and Punjab are witnessing a significant increase on Monday with 52 and 49 deaths respectively.
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The death toll in Delhi is 4,444 – more than UP which has recorded 3,486 deaths so far. However, Delhi recorded 18 deaths on Monday compared to 63 in UP.
The five high-burden states contributed 60% of the total 36,91,166 confirmed cases reported from across the country as of Monday. Of this, more than 21% cases were seen in Maharashtra alone.
Five states have added the most to the new cases – Maharashtra (11,852), Andhra Pradesh (10,004), Karnataka (6,495), Tamil Nadu (5,956) and UP (4,782). Together, they accounted for 56% of new confirmed cases.


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