Kovid-19: If I Already Have Coronovirus, Can I Get It Again? – Health

Kovid-19: If I Already Have Coronovirus, Can I Get It Again? – Health

If I already have coronavirus, can I get it again? This is possible, but such cases appear to be rare. It is not uncommon to develop some immunity to the virus after an infection, as our bodies are generally better at identifying and fighting the bugs they have encountered before. And this seems to be the case with coronoviruses as well, although scientists are still trying to figure out how long any protection can last.

Some reconstructions have been confirmed, but two new studies suggest that this is highly unusual.

In one, only two of the 1,265 health workers in the United Kingdom who were previously infected tested positive again for coronovirus within the next six months. In another study of people in the US, only 0.3% of people who were infected tested positive for the virus over the next several months – around the same rate of positivity according to a UK study.

The findings are well cut for COVID-19 vaccines that are being rolled out, triggering immune responses that are protective studies.

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