Kovid-19 increase in cases ‘worrying’: Congress | India news

Kovid-19 increase in cases ‘worrying’: Congress | India news

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New Delhi: The Congress on Sunday expressed concern over the escalation of coronovirus infection in the country and accused the government of not using the lockdown period to impair health services infrastructure.
In a virtual press conference, Congress spokesperson Gaurav Vallabh also questioned the government as to why only 1,340 ventilators could be purchased by 22 June, while it placed an order of 50,000 on 31 March.
He said that the actual purchase was against the claim made by BJP President JP Nadda that there would be 60,000 ventilators in the country by the end of June.
Vallabh alleged “confusion and delay” in the ventilator’s order, “financial inconsistency” and lack of transparency in spending to the PM-CARES fund, and the supply of “substandard” ventilators.
According to the Union Health Ministry, with a record single-day surge of 24,850 coronovirus infections and 613 mortality rates, India’s Kovid-19 case load increased to 6,73,165, while the number of deaths due to the disease on Sunday increased to 19,268.
With this, the country has recorded more than 20,000 cases of infection for the third consecutive day.
According to Johns Hopkins University, which is compiling Kovid-19 data from around the world, India is the fourth worst hit country by epidemics after the US, Brazil and Russia and is eighth in terms of deaths due to the disease.
The Congress spokesperson said, “The way Corona cases are rising in the country is worrisome. I pray that the peak comes soon and that the country is free of viruses.”
“The lockdown was a pause button and should have been used to elevate health infrastructure. But the government has wasted time and promoted mismanagement in the purchase of ventilators.”
“According to the government, only 1,340 ventilators have been purchased till 22 June, while the BJP chief claimed in a virtual rally that the country would have 60,000 ventilators by the end of June. Why so few ventilators have been purchased in more than 2.5 months. Who’s responsible, ”he asked.
The Congress leader also said that Rs 2,000 crore was allocated from the PM-CARES fund to purchase 50,000 ventilators costing around Rs 4 lakh, while a company is supplying ventilators to the government for only Rs 1.5 lakh.
“Does the PM-CARES order with 50 thousand ventilators include 40,000 already ordered by the government. Where has the money from PM-CARES gone and why there has been an unusual delay in purchasing them … Is PM-CARES open tendering Has opted. He said that there is transparency in government procurement. PM-care funds are also public funds.
Accusing the government of purchasing substandard materials and ventilators from some private players, Vallabh asked, “Why is the government compromising people’s health by bringing inferior materials”.
The opposition leader said that in the interest of those who are struggling for their health, the government should answer the questions raised by the Congress party.
He said neither the government was answering questions on the border dispute with China nor coming forward with facts on the coronovirus epidemic.
“The Prime Minister and the Minister of Health should answer these questions raised by us in the interest of the health of the people of the country,” he said.


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