Kovid-19 ‘out of control’ in London, Mayer declares ‘big event’ – world news

Kovid-19 ‘out of control’ in London, Mayer declares ‘big event’ – world news

Facing a steady rise of new Kovid-19 cases, London Mayor Sadiq Khan on Friday declared a ‘big event’ – the equivalent of declaring an emergency response – and asked people in the capital to stay home and visit hospitals Urged to help get overwhelmed.

A ‘major event’ is defined as an event or situation that has several serious consequences that require special arrangements to be implemented by one or more emergency response agencies. The ambulance service is now receiving about 8,000 emergency calls a day.

A ‘major event’ is beyond the scope of business-to-normal operations, and is likely to involve serious harm, damage, disruption or risk to human life or welfare, essential services, the environment or national security, according to regulations .

Khan made the decision as chair of the London Resilience Forum after discussions with NHS London leaders, local authorities, public health England and emergency services in the capital.

This comes as the number of Kovid-19 cases in London exceeded 1,000 per 100,000, putting immense pressure on the already dispersed NHS.

Between 30 December and 6 January, the number of patients at hospitals in London increased by 27% (from 5,524 to 7,034) and the number on mechanical ventilation increased by 42% (from 640 to 908). In the last three days, the NHS has announced 477 deaths in London hospitals after testing positive for Kovid-19.

With hundreds of firefighters from London Fire Brigade once again driving the ambulance to volunteers, the impact is being felt right in emergency services with the assistance of the London Ambulance Service as ambulance services are one of the busiest times in its history .

Khan said: “The situation in London is now critical with the virus spreading out of control. More than a third of the number of cases in London is being treated at a rapid rate compared to the peak of the epidemic last April.

The stark reality is that we will be out of bed for patients in the next few weeks, until the virus prevalence decreases significantly. We are announcing a major event because this virus is at a crisis point threatening our city. If we no longer take immediate action, our NHS may be overwhelmed and more people will die. “

“The people of London make a big sacrifice and I am urging them to stay home today, unless you absolutely need to leave. Stay home for the safety of yourself, your family, friends and other Londoners and for the safety of our NHS. “


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