Kovid-19: Single-use N95 respirator can be used after refinement, study says

Kovid-19: Single-use N95 respirator can be used after refinement, study says

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LOS ANGELES: N95 respirator, widely worn by health care personnel treating Kovid-19 patients, and designed to be used only once, effectively and three according to a new study The bars can be worn, which can help reuse them. Rare resources among epidemics.
Researchers at The University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in the US said N95 respirators reduce exposure to airborne infectious agents, including the novel coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, and are among the important pieces of personal protection equipment Is one. Used by clinical workers to prevent the spread of Kovid-19.
The study, published in the journal Emerging Infectious Diseases, noted that the significant shortage of these masks has led to efforts to find new refinement methods that may increase their use.
UCLA co-author James Lloyd-Smith stated, “Although the N95 breather is designed for just one use before disposal, in times of scarcity, the N95 respirator can be decomposed and reused three times. “.
“But the fit of the respirator and the integrity of the seal must be maintained,” Lloyd-Smith said.
In the study, scientists tested several decontamination methods on small sections of N95 filter cloths that were exposed to viruses, including the use of vaporized hydrogen peroxide, dry heat at 70 ° C, ultraviolet light (UV), and a 70 Copy included. St. Ethanol Spray.
According to the researchers, all four methods eliminated detectable viable viruses from N95 fabric test samples.
Scientists then treated completely intact, clean respirators with the same refinement methods to test their reuse durability, after which voluntarily wearing masks for two hours was determined if they Maintain proper fit and seal on face.
They washed each mask three times, using the same procedure with each process.
According to the study, the masks treated with vaporized hydrogen peroxide had no failures, suggesting that they could potentially be reused three times.
Those treated with UV light and dry heat began to show fit and seal problems after three decontaminations, the researchers said, indicating these respirators could possibly be reused twice.
They concluded that vaporized hydrogen peroxide was the most effective method because no trace of the virus could be detected after only 10 minutes of treatment.
Based on the findings, the scientists stated that UV light and dry heat are also acceptable decontamination procedures, unless the methods are applied for at least 60 minutes.
However, ethanol spray damaged the fit and seal integrity of the respirator after two sessions, and they do not recommend destroying the N95 respirators.
According to the researchers, those destroying the N95 respirator should closely examine the fit and seal on the face before each reuse.


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