La Liga fires again after old enemies unite Football news

La Liga fires again after old enemies unite Football news

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BARCELONA: After an almighty push by all parties concerned, Spain Laliga COVID-19 roars back next week after three months of stagnation Universal epidemic, With every day matches and everything to play.
The season resumed on Wednesday in bizarre conditions between Reo Vallecano and Albacete in the second half of the Sezunda Division, which was abandoned in December due to aggressive chanting.
With Thursday’s derby between Sevilla and (Ri) the starting gun will be fired properly Real daughters, While champions Barcelona play their first game for Real Mallorca on Saturday, with rival rival Madrid hosting Iber on Sunday.
All matches will be played without spectators for security reasons, although broadcasters plan to repeat crowd noise for television viewers, which will include one-minute applause for Spain’s more than 27,000 COVID-19 victims.
While clubs such as Eber and Racing Santner expressed their uneasiness about the withdrawal and the Cadiz player first declined training, Spain was united by a desire to return to football to lift the mood from one of the worst-hit countries. has been done. In the world by viruses.

La Liga president Xavier Tebus has led the campaign to try to get the season back on track, with the caveat that one billion euros ($ 1.13 billion) in fake broadcast revenue and prize money from not completing the campaign. Can cause mass loss.
The old wounds resumed in the early stages of negotiations between Tabus and the federation’s president, Louis Rubialus. But after an eight-hour meeting organized by Junior Sports Minister Irene Lozano in April, they finally resolved to work together to complete the season.
“How we act in this epidemic and the measures we take will determine how the world looks over the next few years and they were conscious of it and needed it”, said Lozano of the unexpected meeting of minds.
As part of the commitment, La Liga increased its funding to the ministry and the federation, while the latter lifted the ban on matches on Monday and Friday, paving the way for matches on each day of the week.
Strength sensation
The Spanish footballers have welcomed the return of the season, although they believed it would not be the same without supporters.
“It’s going to be a very strange sensation. Football is all about the fans,” said Atletico MadridOf Marcos Llorent.
Spain coach Luis Enrique added: “Playing the match without supporters is sad to dance with his sister,” he said.
“But we have to understand that this is a global business and even though the spectacle will be very different, it can help us get through this time.”
Barcelona led the double-digit table over Real when the season was halted in March and two rivals have been slated for one of the tight title races in recent memory.
Fight for Champions League Football is even closer, with five teams finishing third and fourth.
The bottom 10 sides are separated by only 14 points, meaning that the fight to avoid the charge will be only as a catch.


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