La Liga: Kovid-19 has exposed us and other clubs, who call Valencia president Anil Murthy and football

La Liga: Kovid-19 has exposed us and other clubs, who call Valencia president Anil Murthy and football

The Kovid-19 epidemic had a serious impact on the salaries of La Liga football clubs. At a virtual press conference earlier this month, La Liga president Xavier Tabes named Valencia as the club that would take the biggest financial hit in terms of pay due to the epidemic. But current financial tensions have not impeded Valencia’s determination to pull.

In a virtual press conference with journalists this week, Valencia’s executive chairman Anil Murthy revealed details about the ‘Project Academy’ and said the ongoing health crisis had led the club to build academy players and give them the first team Provided an opportunity to develop into football players.

“I know that I am speaking out some lofty and big ideas about opportunities. This issue of financial problems gave us the opportunity to do something we have long wanted to do, which is an attempt to build and build a team fueled by the academy to give a strong identity, ”Murthy asked by Hindustan Times Gave answered a question.

“To bring young boys into the pipeline who could make it into the first team, be sustainable, and not overspend is what we used to do. We used to spend too much money on how we would not pay for the next year.

Murthy further said that Kovid-19 has exposed clubs like Valencia who were overspeeding every year. He said that the Spanish club is now in control of the narrative.

“What Kovid has done is highlight what many clubs did, including Valencia. Today, we are in control of this narrative and hope that we will be very successful. It is up to us whether we can do this. We are trying very hard to do this, ”he said.

La Liga football has grown enormously in popularity over the years. Following the return of football in July this year, La Liga has seen a 72 percent increase in viewership in India. But fan followings in India are largely limited to Barcelona and Real Madrid, while other clubs are still unable to develop a stunning product in the country.

But the President of Valencia revealed that a cultural base is growing in India, certainly he is his eyes. “We know that India is an emerging market for LaLiga. This is a market for us to explore, and which may be important in the future, ”Murthy replied to the Hindustan Times question on the subject.

As a club, we have an obligation to be in a global perspective, and naturally our focus is on how viewership and interest is growing in that country, according to the agreement between LaLiga and Facebook for broadcasting matches Thanks for that, “he continued.

Meanwhile, Valencia suffered a 1-0 defeat at the hands of Atletico Madrid on Saturday in La Liga.


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