La Liga president Xavier Tabes cuts football club salaries between Kovid-19

La Liga president Xavier Tabes cuts football club salaries between Kovid-19

Javier Tebas, president of the coronovirus epidemic, La Liga, reported earlier this week at a virtual press conference that the salary cap for Spanish league clubs had been slashed by more than $ 700 million. Tabus said FC Barcelona and Valencia CF are expected to get the biggest hits, which could lead to a pay cut of around 40 percent this season, while Real Madrid and Atlético Madrid are expected to make 27 percent adjustments in their seasons.

In response to a question provided by Hindustan Times, Tebus also believed that uncertainty over salary cap can persist as long as the virus remains. However, the La Liga president said that the situation is improving with the epidemic and a vaccine is expected soon.

“Yes, of course we are all very concerned about the epidemic affecting the economy of the whole country and football is not exempt from it. However, fortunately we are an industry in which a wide variety of activities can occur. Tejas said that we have been able to do this in coordination with the Higher Sports Council and the Ministry of Health.

“But we are obviously concerned about the salary cap but I believe these concerns should be mitigated as we can now see the light at the end of the tunnel. In the other 2-4 months we should see vaccines because companies are manufacturing millions of vaccines, ”he said.

“We are looking at the next season as a 19-20 season. Probably not so many people going to the stadium, but at least as far as it can be, on the front of satisfactory sponsors and other financial aspects,” he said. said.

Another additional cost for football leagues across Europe is more than new safety measures and test kits. La Liga players continue to be tested on a regular basis – while stadiums also need to ensure that no one goes in and out of the bubble. In July, when the last season of La Liga was restarted – a player entered the stadium to join hands with Lionel Messi and amid an epidemic – such incidents posed a major threat.

When asked about security spending, another question published by Hindustan Times, Tejas said that the league is taking all measures to ensure the best possible security for players and teams, however, he said that it has taken a balance sheet. Has not affected either. very.

“Yes, we have invested in all these safeguards but they are not the amount that significantly affects the balance sheet, economic accounts of LaLiga or its clubs. It is necessary to buy tests, change the infrastructure, advise, change personnel, etc., said Tables.

“But it is also an important aspect of raising awareness, hard work to prepare a protocol for returning to training, raising awareness for all club employees, etc.,” he said.

“And thanks to this economic investment, the work of LaLiga and its clubs, the commitment and efforts of all, professional football is back in such a delicate time,” Tebus concluded.


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