LAC Stand-off: Indian Army Capture Heights, Upper Hand in Pongong Tso India News

LAC Stand-off: Indian Army Capture Heights, Upper Hand in Pongong Tso India News

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new Delhi: Indian Army I have taken advantage of quietly Pangong Tso The region – an area that increases Indo-China military tensions – is with armies occupying heights on the southern shore of the lake and replacing armies on riders in fingers or spurs on the northern shore.
Indian forces were placed in a difficult position Chinese soldier Establish a heavy presence on the ridges or finger area 4-8 earlier in the year. Despite a small pull, he maintained a spectacle that was seen as a tactic of ridicule.
Neither military-to-military talks nor high-level diplomatic discussions yield results and with China’s commitment to failing to take concrete action in negotiations, the Indian Army plans a response aimed at restoring parity Lagi which will neutralize the upper hand. By the intrusion of PLA soldiers.
LAC Stand-off: Live update
Sources said the plan to “capture” the heights on the southern coast of Pangong Tso was pursued on the night of 29 August, despite the advance effort of Chinese troops in the region. While it was urgent. The army also implemented its plan, using provocation, to prevent the PLA contingent from ascending.
With the maneuver of the South Bank, a relocation of Indian forces to the finger area on the northern bank of the lake has completed operations to snatch the advantage held by the PLA as military tension erupted in early May.
Although India has not given much information about the developments, sources said that the balance in Pangong Tso has changed considerably. A steady stream of angry remarks in Chinese “official” media and State Department statements accused India of “breaching consensus” and urged that it immediately discipline border troops. BeijingDisclaimer.

The idea in Delhi is that the previous sweet talk about the need to see a difference in a broader perspective of shared goals was only aimed at closing India and strengthening a changed position.


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