Landlord abuses bride, bride’s mother, sisters for months

Landlord abuses bride, bride’s mother, sisters for months

On Thursday, 24 News HD TV channel reported that another incident has come to light which reflects the ugly nature of the pseudo-social structure in the country where a landlord held his family hostage and raped women in Layyah. ۔

His troubles began with Najaf Ali, a resident of Nanokot in the Karwar Lal Essen area, tying the knot of his choice with Anwar. Fearing the consequences, Najaf, along with his bride, mother and sisters, approached Zahid Magsi in the hope that the landlord would get the help he needed. As a result, Magsi promised protection and shelter.

But it was neither a protection nor a refuge, as Magsi took them hostage and began raping women. His father Azhar and companions Mehdi, Arshad, Imran, Kamran, Mujahid and Qaseed were also involved in the incident.

Months later, police released the hostages on orders from a local court. However, no accused has been arrested so far.

The FIR lodged at the Karwar Lal Essen police station also said that the nominees snatched Rs 190,000 in cash, domestic animals and valuable land from the family.

In this regard, Haji Afzal, SHO of Karwar Lal Essen, promised to provide protection to the victim’s family and said that they were conducting raids to nab the accused.

Collective abuse of a married woman

A married woman from Hafizabad managed to escape after being held hostage and return home and was gang-raped for several months.

Police say four armed men abducted Shazia Kausar four months ago and transferred her to Gujranwala, where she was repeatedly drugged and sexually abused.

During the operation, they also tortured and threw acid on her, which resulted in burns all over her body, police said, and the victim was taken to a local hospital for a medical examination. He promised that a case would be registered against the accused soon and he would be arrested soon.

However, Kausar’s husband told another story, complaining about police conduct, saying the DSP forced him to leave the office instead of dealing with his trauma.


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