Launches go digital as soon as they close in India

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NEW DELHI: Glitz and glamor products have disappeared from the showcase and unveiling as the launch goes digital at a time when a large part of India remains closed at home and retail footfall hovers at its lowest. These are ‘quarantine launches’, as many company executives call them, and they correspond to restrictions on movement and social-remoteness requirements.
From the mega phone launch to the car unveiling, the focus has been digital and online as the company’s chief executive and Honorable attend the unveiling from his home as well. for example, Zach Hallis, Brand director at Skoda Auto India digitally unveiled three new cars and later chatted with them Zoom Manch from his residence in Prague, where his family lives.
Hollis, who unveiled new versions of Rapid and best While driving in Karok SUV, he says he hopes to return to India very soon, but is also grateful to be with his family during such trying and difficult periods.

“The contactless sales experience is what some customers want. Hollis told TOI that as we move forward, we are also creating those experiences.
Skoda is not alone. Mercedes-Benz, the biggest player in the luxury car market, will unveil two new cars from its super-powerful AMG portfolio. The AMG C63 Coupe and AMG GT R will be launched on Wednesday, and will be via digital channels. Extraordinary times like this call for extraordinary steps … After the new normal of social disturbances, we will bring a special e-launch of these two AMGs directly to you Mercedes benz India’s innovative ‘consulting studio’ … is looking forward to e-connect for this exclusive digital launch, “the company said, as prepared by MD and CEO Martin Schwenek for the launch of power-packed products is.
The Chinese phone giant Xiaomi unveiled the Mi 10 5G smartphone on 8 May, where the company’s India MD Manu Jain also revealed the price and other plans. The company is unveiling some of its products online, and it was last Tuesday where it showcased Redmi earbuds.
The online launch trend began a little before the first lockdown announcement in late March. Many companies had also decided to cancel their international travel plans, where they wanted to take the media for a new launch. The Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona – considered a mecca for tech launches – was canceled exactly as the coronovirus scare began to roam around the world. It inspired many companies to showcase and unveil their products online.
Phone maker OnePlus digitally unveiled its new series, OnePlus 8, and was also shown to the Indian media on 14 April.
Consumer electronics major Sony plans to launch a new audio device online, and that will be in the next few weeks.


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