Letters taken out of context to Imran Khan’s comments on rape and veil

There are a lot of comments being made in Pakistan on the occasion of Prime Minister Imran Khan’s hijab in Islam and in some cases how it can be helpful in avoiding the crime of rape (Prime Minister of Pakistan Imran Khan on the crisis of rape on women) Anger, June 25, after being convicted).

It is a matter of credibility for Imran Khan’s government that a series of land laws have been immediately drafted by Parliament to protect human rights, women’s rights, the rights of minorities and parents. This is unprecedented, it also speaks to the volume of the Prime Minister’s unwavering commitment to a just and equal society where everyone will be treated equally.

He has been determined to build a society after the world’s first welfare state, Riyadh Medina, and still has a passion for it. Under these laws, the status of women underwent a revolutionary change. He passionately wants Pakistan to be built in the style of Riyadh Madinah, which, regardless of status and stature, promoted and practiced the concept of equality. Therefore, it would be a serious mistake to believe that they would discriminate against women.

He compared Western society to what is happening here in Pakistan. There is a big difference between these societies, and people in this part of the world are not accustomed to the freedoms that come naturally to the Western world. What he said is that while strict and stringent laws should be enacted to deal with heinous acts such as rape, it would also be appropriate to look at why the observation of the veil was mentioned in Islam and whether it led to rape. Can help prevent crime? Through these evolutionary times.

This was not said in any way or in any form by enforcing the laws or in any way or in any form by imposing restrictions on the whole d. It is said that such measures can help alleviate the situation as it increases the impact on the society that it has not been accustomed to in the past. There is no compulsion in Pakistani law for this, but encouraging debate can help in taking steps to deal with the serious crime of rape.

Unfortunately, the ongoing discussion has taken their comments out of context and given them a meaning they never intended.
Raouf Hassan
Special Assistant to the Prime Minister of Pakistan, Imran Khan


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