Lionel Messi fined Maradona 600 Euros for football

Lionel Messi fined Maradona 600 Euros for football

Lionel Messi and Barcelona were fined a combined 780 euros (£ 706.30) after the player showed a yellow card to pay tribute to the late Diego Maradona after Sunday’s 4–0 win over Osuna. has gone.

Messi, who was fined 600 euros while his club was fined 180, paid tribute to his late compatriot by taking off his Barca shirt to reveal a Newell’s Old Boys shirt belonging to Mardona. .

Nevertheless the Competition Committee of the Spanish Football Federation showed little sympathy while upholding the rules, rejecting Barca’s protest against the punishment and his suggestion should be forgiven as the gesture was a tribute to Maradona.

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The committee’s statement said that when she accepted the gesture was a tribute, Article 93 of the Disciplinary Code states that a player should be punished for removing his shirt while celebrating, regardless of motive whatever happens.

The statement said that Messi could have been approved only if he had been given the booking by mistake. Messi supports Newell’s Old Boys and played for the club’s junior team before leaving for Barsa at the age of 13. He also paid tribute to Maradona, who played for Rosario in 1993, when the World Cup winner died last Wednesday.

Messi wrote on Instagram, “He has left us but he is not going anywhere because Diego is eternal.”


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