Liverpool should sign injured van Dijk – Karger – defender to replace football

Liverpool should sign injured van Dijk – Karger – defender to replace football

Former defender Jamie Carragher said the Liverpool center opened the Premier League title race in a prolonged absence due to Virgil van Dzek’s knee injury and the champion should sign a replacement in the January transfer window.

Dutchman van Djack will undergo surgery for the damaged ligaments he sustained in Saturday’s Merseyside derby draw against Everton following a challenge from goalkeeper Jordan Pickford.

“The big question you are looking at now is, can Liverpool win the league without One Diek there? I think this title makes the race wide open, ”Karger told Sky Sports.

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“I still feel at the beginning of this season that Liverpool were the team to beat. With Van Dzek going for what seems like an entire season, it’s all going to Liverpool.

“Liverpool have to go to market in January, not just because of Van Dyck’s injury. They were weak in that area anyway. He lost (Dejan) Laven before the start of the season … Other people have been hurt at those positions. “

Former Liverpool midfielder Danny Murphy described Van Dijk as the world’s best center and said Liverpool would be more vulnerable without him.

“If (Joel) Matip and (Joe) Gomez are struggling, but can get beyond that, then there’s not much,” Murphy told the BBC. “They’ve got (Van Djack) without him through January.”

Van Dzek said in a statement that he was hoping to make an early comeback.

He said, “In football and in life, I believe everything happens for a reason and it is important whether the effort is made by going to higher levels or lows.”


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