LJP asks Election Commission not to conduct Bihar elections in October-November, India news will be threatened due to epidemic

LJP asks Election Commission not to conduct Bihar elections in October-November, India news will be threatened due to epidemic

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NEW DELHI: BJP’s ally Lok Janshakti Party Wrote to Election commission On Friday against dharna Bihar It would otherwise be intentional to “push people to death” when the Assembly elections are due in October-November.
The party has said that now resources should be focused on curbing the Kovid-19 crisis and dealing with floods in the state and not holding elections.
The LJP has stated that the coronovirus epidemic has already acquired alarming proportions and experts believe that it is likely to become more severe by October-November, as it was argued that priority is now on people’s lives. Should be saving and elections should not be stopped.
The LJP’s stance on the election is in contrast to the JD (U), which is also an ally of the BJP, as the party led by Chief Minister Nitish Kumar has spoken in favor of holding him on time and has organized organizational meetings in preparation. .
The BJP has ensured that any decision regarding the election schedule is the prerogative of the Election Commission, while the main opposition RJD has in the past called for postponing the election, citing a coronovirus threat.
The Election Commission had sought views from all parties on the elections.
LJP said the life-threatening election of a large population would be completely “unfair” and noted that Kovid-19 has killed more than 35,000 people in the country, including 280 in Bihar.
The Election Commission said, “By holding elections in such circumstances people will have to be deliberately pushed towards death.”
A large part of Bihar is also badly affected by the floods, he said, adding that it would be extremely difficult for the WHO and the Indian Council of Medical Research to conduct elections following the prescribed standard health guidelines.
Bihar has more than eight crore voters and it will be almost impossible for such a large population to participate in campaigns and voting while maintaining social discrimination.
The regional party noted that the election campaign is a lengthy process involving months of campaigning by candidates, adding that it would be dangerous to conduct intensive public relations exercises now, as in elections.
Although there is a conversation about a “virtual campaign”, it will end up leaving the poorer sections of society as most of them do not have smart phones and lack technical know-how, LJP letter written by its general secretary Abdul Khalik .
He said that elections should be held when the situation should improve.
“LJP believes that in order to protect a large part of Bihar’s population from any threat, Kovid-19 does not hold elections to influence the state and flood any additional financial burden and keep democracy successful Necessary to do, “said.


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