Mahatma Gandhi’s statue is being cleaned in Washington

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue is being cleaned in Washington

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New York: Statue of Mahatma Gandhi According to the National Park Service (NPS), during the anti-police demonstrations in Washington, he was frustrated, with a near personal attack on him and an anti-India slogan.
A patron was working with the Indian embassy on Tuesday to restore the statue, Mike Litterst, NPS chief of communications for Memorial Park, said in an email to IANS.
“Our staff spoke with embassy personnel and provided the name of a patron, who we understand is able to remove most of the graffiti on the stone and continues to work today,” he said.
He said that the statue was built by the embassy and as it continues to be maintained, the mission arranged for it to be cleaned.
IANS was unable to reach the Indian embassy.
According to the literature, on June 2, the statue was torn down with frescoes written in orange paint.
US Ambassador to India Ken Juster has apologized for the profanity of the statue.
The organizers of the protests as well as the politicians supporting them remained silent.
In pictures of vandalism seen by IANS, Gandhi’s personal attacks are depicted on a pedestal on one side and an anti-India slogan on the other.
This appears as a clear attack on Gandhi and an action targeting India because they are not like the anti-graffiti elsewhere that shout slogans to protect the rights of African Americans and against police and racism.
Police nationwide against vandalism and racism was fueled by the extra-judicial killing of an African American man in Minneapolis by a policeman who mocked him by stabbing him on the neck.
The statue of Gandhi which was dedicated in 2000 by Bill Clinton, who was then the US President, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee, the then Indian Prime Minister.
The US Congress passed a bill in 1998 authorizing the construction of the statue on government land.
The 2.6 meter high statue was designed by the sculptor Gautam Pal and depicts Gandhi leading the 1930 Salt Satyagraha and his quote says, “My life is my message.”


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