Major changes are expected in the Punjab bureaucracy

Major changes are expected in the Punjab bureaucracy

The debate over government performance is rife. In other words, it can’t be so sudden. The current government is about to complete its three years and this is usually the time when people stop giving any allowance for the newness of the government and expect a solid delivery on the promises of the ruling party.

The analysis is made up of senior anchorpersons and is well informed. Journalists have clearly indicated that major administrative changes are about to take place in Punjab, including the change of Chief Minister. Earlier, some media circles thought that even the Chief Secretary or IG could be removed from Punjab. Mr. Jawad Rafique’s current Chief Secretary may be replaced by Babar Hayat Tarar, Ijaz Munir, or Ahmad Nawaz Sukhera. In this regard, the DT has learned from credible sources that Mr. Sukheera is lobbying for the post of Principal Secretary to the Prime Minister along with the dual national bureaucracy and has already re-appointed his relative Mr. Ali Zafar Have started using from scratch. Senator elected to secure any position. Sukheera had tried several times before to hold the post but could not succeed.

Sadly, the PTI and its government have gradually moved away from publicly reporting their performance. Occasionally, media reports suggest that Prime Minister Imran Khan asks his ministers for performance reports from time to time, but there is hardly any public evidence that such reports should be presented or discussed. The government has not shared any such report or even its hygienic version with the public.

Talking about the Chief Minister of Punjab, Prime Minister Usman Bazdar, certified by Prime Minister Khan in August 2018, Sardar Usman Bazdar was to make a statue of the empowerment of the common man. Despite widespread skepticism in his party, he was asked to stay in the best position to understand the problems of the neglected areas.

The road went down for three years and the Punjab Chief Minister went down fast. Even if he is finally shown the door, there is growing speculation that he may be out. one more time

Some claim that Establishment Not very happy with the rule of Punjab but the captain is still standing behind his Wasim Akram Plus. He has a keen eye on their interests.

As the dirty blanket deepens in the coming days, Lahore is being considered as one of the most polluted cities in the world. Given New Delhi’s notorious pollution problems, the smog blanket in Lahore should be another deep cause for concern. Many people in the city have complained of headaches and burning eyes and sore throats as health experts have seen a sharp rise in respiratory diseases, eye infections and allergies in Lahore over the past four years. Wakeup’s big voice is disappointing research that points to a higher risk for people with weak lungs (due to contamination) with the coronavirus. Unfortunately, the World Alliance for Health and Pollution estimates that air pollution-related deaths in Pakistan in 2019 were approximately (128,005 deaths (third in 10 countries with air quality).


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