Major US partner in India Biden administration: top campaign officer

Major US partner in India Biden administration: top campaign officer

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Washington: The Biden administration will be an advocate for India to play a leading role in international institutions, including helping it gain a seat on the UN Security Council, with a top campaign official saying New Delhi will become an important American Is a partner in engaging China with a position of strength.
A Biden administration would also have no tolerance for terrorism in South Asia, according to former diplomat Tony Blinken, Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, who is now a top foreign policy adviser.
Participating in a panel discussion on “US-India Relations and the Indian Americans in Joe Biden Administration”, Blinken said on Saturday that the former vice-president, if elected in the November elections, would allow India a seat on the UN Security Council And strengthen America’s defense relations with India.
“I think you will see Joe Biden as President investing himself, renewing our democracy, working with our close allies like India, accepting our values ​​and putting China out of a position of strength . India has to be an important partner in that effort. ” “Blinken said in response to a question by former US ambassador to India Richard Verma.
The top campaign official was asked that the world saw increasing Chinese aggression across the Chinese border, including the Indo-Pacific, and that India faced real threats from cross-border terrorism, and that the US supported India with a Biden administration in these challenges. How will
“During the Obama administration, we worked hard to establish India as a major contributor to the Indo-Pacific strategy. It also worked with potential partners to strengthen and maintain a rules-based order in the Indo Pacific India’s role in doing so involves the country, which includes China, may threaten to dislike its neighbors.
“That role needs to extend beyond the region as well, as it is vast in the world. In the Biden administration, we will be an advocate for India who will play a leading role in international institutions. Helping India gain a seat in it Also included. A reformed United Nations Security Council, “Blinken replied.
“We will work together to strengthen India’s defense and at the same time I can combine my capabilities as an anti-terrorism partner. On the question of terrorism, in particular, our counter-terrorism in South Asia or elsewhere There is no tolerance: across the border or otherwise, “he said.
During the Obama administration, he said, he was in various meetings of the National Security Council on this issue.
“We use every tool at our disposal to ensure that our citizens and the citizens of our partners were safe and this is something we will build in the Biden administration,” Blinken said.
Former Assistant Secretary of State for South and Central Asia Nisha Desai Biswal said that the US-India partnership was crucial for the 21st century as the Obama administration attributes it.
“If you deeply insult the people of India and the people of Indian origin, you cannot have a deep, reliable partnership between the United States and India. People’s relationship is very important in all the ways in which this relationship is actually Determined in. Biswal said, “Without it, without the relationship between our people, then it’s really just a transactional relationship to get a means to an end, so to speak,” Biswal said .
She was responding to a question of recent steps taken by the Trump administration regarding H-1B visas, which have an impact on a large number of Indian technology professionals.
In June, President Donald Trump banned workers’ entry into the US in several major non-immigrant visa categories, including H-1B, by the end of the year, arguing that they eat at American jobs during the COVID-19 epidemic. Those affected include H-1B, L-1 family members and some categories of J1 visas.
However, this week, the Trump administration exempted some employers in the H-1B and L-1 for continued employment with the same employer, a move that would see Indian IT professionals and healthcare workers working Could help people.
The H-1B visa is a non-immigrant visa that allows US companies to employ foreign employees in specialized occupations that require theoretical or technical expertise. Companies depend on it to hire tens of thousands of employees every year from countries like India and China.
“The US India partnership is not merely a means to an end. It is really a society-wide partnership between our people, our educational institutions, our educational universities, our businesses and our cultural fabric of the two countries. Gradual waves of immigrants. The coast of India to America has been an important aspect of the economic, political and social fabric of America.
Ajay Bhutoria, who is on the National Finance Committee for Joe Biden, said he is in this fight to restore the soul of “the nation to all our Americans and Indian Americans”.
“Over 20 years as an entrepreneur in the Bay Area, I have reached that dream and worked to make sure that it is for others in our community. That’s why I did it in my free community college Initiatives to help Vice President Biden and Dr. Biden. They have helped so many migrants and youth get an education and a good job, “he said.


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