Man arrested in Chunian transgender gang rape

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Police have arrested a suspect who allegedly gang-raped and tortured a transgender man. Geo News Sources were informed on Thursday.

Sources confirmed that investigations are underway and raids are being carried out to nab the other accused named by the transgender.

Meanwhile, after a video of transgender violence went viral on social media, Federal Minister for Human Rights Shirin Mazari said his office had taken notice of the incident.

The minister said that according to the police official, an FIR was registered under section 365.

“Now that the video has come to light, the police have reopened the ongoing FIRs and raids for the arrest of the accused,” he said, adding that new provisions were inserted in the FIR during the investigation Will be done.

He further added that the district police officer had told him that the incident had taken place two months ago. “The DPO met the victim yesterday and assured him of justice,” he said.

The Federal Minister noted that the original complaint in the FIR was violent and the victim had added it to a new complaint.


A few days ago, a transgender man was allegedly gang-raped and beaten with sticks.

A video of the man went viral on social media a few days ago in which he was seen tied upside down from the roof and some people were seen beating him with sticks.

Transgender people can be seen crying and begging men to stop.

The victim lodged a complaint with the city police station that some people had invited him to perform at an event. However, the complainant alleged that the suspects instead gang-raped her for three days.

The transgender said City Police Station officials threw him out after initially filing a complaint.

A police spokesman said the Kasur DPO had formed an inquiry committee at the request of the transgender.


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