Manipal Academy News: Manipal students turn to chocolate

Manipal Academy News: Manipal students turn to chocolate

MANGALURU: In view of the chocolatics, two postgraduate students of the Welcomegroup Graduate School of Hotel Administration (WGSHA), Manipal Academy of Higher Education (MAHE), have recently launched a start-up Intoxicate Chocolate.

After completing his graduation from IHM, Lucknow, Shreya Chaudhary of Gorakhpur started a culinary course under the leadership of MasterChef India winner Pankaj Bhadoria. “I have always dreamed of a chocolate making factory because I have taken a chocolate making course. I planned to get into this business after my post-graduation, but, after coming to Manipal I faced financial crisis as the cost of living is high and I did not want to depend on my family. I met Tejaswi Sood, my batchmate from Noida, who was also feeling a pinch on his pocket. Since we both did not want to burden our families, and he is good at marketing, I asked him if we could enter the market between Kovid-19, he agreed to support and he worked for us. Did, “he told TOI.

Currently, they are working from Manipal, but will soon change base in Delhi after completing the hotel management course. “We want to change the mindset of the people. Chocolates are not luxury products, only associated with international brands. We will soon purchase cocoa beans in collaboration with independent small farmers in Coorg and coastal belt and come up with our own concept of beans to bar, ”said Shreya.

Orders are taken through their Instagram page and WhatsApp and are delivered across India except the North East. They offer five varieties of chocolate truffles, two flavors of energy bars and seven varieties of chocolate bars. Each packet passes through the UV sterilizer before dispatch. The demand for energy bars in the gym is increasing.

Chef the startup. Thiru, Principal, HS Sethu, Coordinator Welcome Group Entrepreneurship Development Cell (WEDC), Chef P Valsaraj, Professor, WGSHA and Dr. Arun Bhaag, Chief Innovation Officer, has received the support of MAHE.

Dr. Arun Shanbhag said, “Our goal at the Innovation Center is to encourage our students to be creative and start small businesses. Such small businesses can help our economy grow and develop, especially during epidemics. They have a good variety of different types of chocolate. They are making all of these from scratch and trying to incorporate local ingredients as well as possible, organized. Their product, professionalism and packaging is good and I would not be surprised if they soon become national brands, ”he said.


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